Everything We Know About The Assault On Nancy Pelosi's Husband

On the morning of Friday, October 28, Paul Pelosi was assaulted in his home in San Francisco, California. Paul shares the house with his wife, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House for the United States House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi was elected to Speaker of the House in 2007, the first woman to hold the position, according to her biography on the Speaker website. She is second-in-line to the presidency. With numerous political contributions under her belt, the National Women's Hall of Fame inducted Nancy into its ranks in 2013. Paul is a successful businessman who had worked as an investor and developer in San Francisco, per Washington Post.

Nancy and Paul met while in college, with Nancy attending Trinity College, and Paul at Georgetown; the two married in 1963. Nancy is originally from Baltimore, where her father, Tommy D'Alesandro, and later her brother, Thomas, served as mayor. She and her husband settled in Paul's hometown of San Francisco, per U.S. News. Together, they have five children and nine grandchildren.

Paul Pelosi was violently assaulted

In the early morning hours on Friday, an assailant broke into the San Francisco home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi. The Speaker of the House was not at home, but her husband was. Drew Hammill, the spokesman for Speaker Pelosi, shared that Paul Pelosi was "violently assaulted" in an attack by the assailant. CNN reports Paul, age 82, was attacked with a hammer, per law enforcement sources. A source also revealed to CNN that the assailant was looking for Nancy, shouting "Where is Nancy, where is Nancy?" when he entered the home.

In the statement released on the Speaker of the House website, he further explained the situation. "The assailant is in custody and the motivation for the attack is under investigation," he noted. "Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital, where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to make a full recovery. The Speaker and her family are grateful to the first responders and medical professional involved."

This is not the first time the Pelosis home has been targeted, as reported by Reuters. "Cancel rent," and "We want everything" have been previously spray-painted on the home, with reports of a pig's head also being placed in front of the couple's garage.