Why Experts Are Warning TikTokers About The Hack For Getting Lifted Lashes Overnight

TikTok can be a highly informative app, alerting beauty lovers of new trends and hacks that will up their makeup and skincare game. Where else but the bite-size video platform can you discover that frothing your foundation with a bit of water will give it a mousse-like texture that applies like a dream?

While the app has been good for spreading creative and inventive TikTok makeup hacks to the masses, it runs the risk of spreading misinformation as well. According to The Guardian, TikTok has already disseminated lies about the upcoming midterm elections. This tendency for false information to go viral is evident in one of the latest beauty hacks.

In a video posted back in August, user @allyrbackus shared a "hack" for getting natural curled lashes. In the video, she places a sleeping mask over her open eyes to force her lashes into a curled state, claiming that this method has replaced the lash lift she typically gets every three months.

Should you try this hack for curled lashes?

Experts think that you should probably sit out on this trend. In an interview with Shape, ophthalmologist Diane Hilal-Campo, M.D explains that this tactic can be dangerous. Although the original poster of the hacks says that once the mask is on, she closes her eyes, the pressure on your lashes can still cause your eyes to open throughout the night. Dr. Hilal-Campo says that if your eyes are exposed to the mask, it can cause scarring and drying on your corneas.

In a piece for Refinery29 UK, Jacqueline Kilikita found that not only did her lashes not curl evenly, but her eyes were bloodshot from the fluffy material interacting with her slightly open eyes. According to WebMD, it's dangerous to sleep with your eyes open because it can dry out your eyes, leading to poor vision. Additionally, Dr. Hilal-Campo states that this hack won't actually curl your lashes; it will simply train the hair to grow in a different direction. If you're the type to toss and turn or sleep on your side, you could possibly end up with wonky eyelashes.

Rather than risking dryness and poor eyesight, it's probably best to stick with eyelash curlers instead.