Is The Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler Worth The Money?

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In 2016, Dyson branched out from vacuums and fans to begin its hair care journey. First came the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, retailing for $400 (via Fortune), which utilized the Dyson Digital Motor V9 for a near-silent hair-drying experience. Then, two years later, they debuted the Airwrap styler using the same motor with the added capability of styling wet hair using the "Coanda effect" (via The Verge), in which hair wraps itself around the styler, hence the name. Retailing at $500, it became a best-seller for the brand.

According to Wired, Dyson has spent over $100 million developing these haircare products. By far, the most popular is the Airwrap, which has now had the ultimate redesign with the Dyson Airwrap Complete. "At Dyson, we are never satisfied with our past successes, and we champion innovation," the company's Reliability Engineer Kate Craft told Forbes. "We've continued to research and develop tools to meet our mission: products for every hair type, every style, with less damage."

The new Airwrap comes with more attachments to cater to all hair types, in addition to improving the airflow for the Coanda effect. The original attachments have also been redesigned to adapt to different lengths and styles. But is the Dyson Airwrap Complete worth the money?

The Dyson Airwrap Complete is just as popular as the original

The new Dyson Airwrap Complete comes in three different sets. First, there's the original Dyson Airwrap Complete set which caters to short hair, followed by the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long with two longer barrels to accommodate styling longer hair, and the Dyson Airwrap Complete Curly/Coily, which has a wide-tooth comb attachment to help detangle and lengthen hair as it dries.

By catering to so many different styles and improving on an already winning formula, the reviews are high among customers. For example, on Dyson's website, the Airwrap Complete holds 4.2 stars out of 5, with 74% of reviewers saying they'd recommend the latest Airwrap to a friend. Good Housekeeping writes that "it has a cult following for a reason" and says it's definitely worth the money if you're looking for "smooth, sleek blowouts on naturally, curly, thick hair." Good Housekeeping also notes that if you have the original Airwrap, the attachments for that styler are compatible with this one.

Harper's Bazaar holds a similar opinion, rating the Airwrap 4.5 out of 5, and loved that you can now style clockwise and counterclockwise with the new and updated barrels. In addition, they found the Airwrap Complete easier to use than the original, while Good Housekeeping said there's still a bit of a learning curve if you've never used the product before.

The Dyson Airwrap Complete is extremely hard to come by

Whatever set you choose, you'll be paying $99 more for the Dyson Airwrap Complete than the original version (via Dyson's site). But as the reviews suggest, this $599 investment seems well worth the money. Unsurprisingly, it's sold out on Dyson's site, so you'll have to hunt around if you've been persuaded. Although, Dyson is selling a special edition of the Airwrap for the same price that comes in a limited edition Venca Blue/Rosé color with three complimentary gifts included with the purchase — a Dyson storage bag for the Supersonic Hair Dryer or Airwrap, a paddle brush, and a detangling comb.

Aside from Dyson, other major retailers like Ulta Beauty and Best Buy sell the Dyson Complete Airwrap — in both the standard and limited editions. You can also buy the Dyson Airwrap on Amazon, but TechRadar warns against this as the retailer has increased the price exponentially due to its scarcity and popularity.