Is The Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush Worth The Money?

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If you've ever been to a Drybar, you know the glory of receiving a professional blowout. The stylist seems to know exactly which tools and techniques to use to make your locks look better than any style you could possibly achieve at home. So naturally, it makes sense that Drybar-branded styling tools would be worth picking up — because what if you could look that good without having to leave your house?

Enter the Brush Crush, which is a heated straightening brush that promises to straighten and de-frizz your locks in one step. Basically, the tool looks like a paddle brush but acts like a straightening iron. Sounds miraculous right? Until you look at the price tag. The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush by Drybar will set you back a whooping $149.

But, you may be thinking, the cost could be worth it if you get incredible results. After all, isn't a head of envy-inducing tresses money well spent?

Here's the thing: Reviewers have a few words of caution for would-be Brush Crush purchasers to consider before taking the plunge and buying the most expensive brush you've ever owned.

People have mixed reviews but the brush wins overall

On the product's website, reviewers have a lot to say about the Brush Crush. One verified purchaser admitted, "I really wanted for this to be my solution for touch-ups." Sadly, the straight hair seeker said that the process just took too long and was too involved, since you have to hold each section of your hair taut while using the brush, and repeat the motion over and over to get the results you want.

But another reviewer had nothing but praise for the brush, gushing that the tool is a "Game Changer!" The reviewer added, "A few brush strokes and my frizzy hot mess turned into utter smoothness! I am wowed!"

Overall, the reviews on the Drybar site were mixed, with frizzy hair sufferers mostly claiming victory with the tool. Some folks hoping for more hair help weren't loving the design, with one lamenting, "My fingers keep touching the button that turns it's a pain in the butt..." Still, all told the tool earned four out of five stars.

The same story played out on Sephora's website, where you can also buy this buzzy brush. Indeed, the product garnered four out of five stars there, too.

If you have thick hair, you may want to skip this pricey purchase

With the Brush Crush boasting it works for all hair textures, from curly, to super-curly, to wavy and straight, customers who purchased the product from Sephora's website were mostly pleased.

However, one user cautioned, "There is a learning curve." Indeed, it seems a bit of technique is required in getting the desired look of straight, frizz-free hair. One nonplussed person shared an experience we saw repeated again and again, saying, "I had to go over my hair so many times."

The users who seem to think the most of the brush describe their hair as frizzy, and say the Brush Crush is good for fixing that coif complaint. Many purchasers are in love with the brush, but tend to have less thick tresses. Many people with super-thick hair said they did not have success straightening their strands with the Brush Crush.

Finally, let's swing over to Amazon to consider some customer reviews.

The Brush Crush obliterates frizz and offers a great alternative to a straightener

On Amazon, the Drybar Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush earned 4.3 stars out of five, and hundreds of positive customer reviews. One point that was expressed was how the tool acts as a great alternative for people who don't like using straightening irons, either due to potential damage to the hair, or fear of burning oneself. "It is very effective but not as harsh on hair as a straightener," one such individual noted, adding the heat is "less intense" and you won't burn your locks or your fingers!

Again, thick-haired humans cautioned those of similar strands to steer clear of the pricey product. But the bottom line is that according to many, many people who have tried this brush, it really is a miracle worker. Not everyone loves it, to be fair. But enough folks are fans that our takeaway is that if you suffer from frizz and you struggle to use straightening irons, the Brush Crush may just be worth a spin, er, a straighten.

Perhaps this review summed it up best: "This product does what it's designed to do — smooth your hair, but not make your hair flat/pin straight. If you want something that will totally flatten your hair, buy a straightener."