Why Mommy Blogger Constance Hall Is So Controversial

Constance Hall is a mom, influencer, blogger, and former "Dancing With The Stars" competitor — and she also considers herself "one of the most online bullied women" in Australia (via Facebook). According to the Daily Mail, Hall first rose to internet fame in 2016 when she published a post on Facebook about "parent sex" and the struggles of being physically intimate after having children. At the time, she had only 22,000 Facebook followers, a number that has since shot up to over 1 million and counting.

Since going viral, Hall has become a bona fide mommy blogger, regularly sharing tidbits of her life raising seven kids with her fans (per 60 Minutes Australia). She even took her bold and blunt style of writing and applied it to self-published books, with the first, "Like a Queen," quickly becoming a bestseller in Australia, according to Mamamia.

Hall is a breath of fresh air to many, who are tired of airbrushed influencer content. However, her opinions and approach to life have also made her a controversial figure.

Constance Hall has been vocal about her vices

Constance Hall may be parenting seven children, but that doesn't mean she has no time for a glass of wine. The blogger spoke about partaking in mommy wine culture during an interview with 60 Minutes Australia. In a clip, Hall takes several of her kids shopping in a supermarket. As her brood runs around, she says, "This is why I drink wine, ladies."

Hall has been honest about her vices, from drinking to smoking. In one Facebook post, she wrote about the importance of having "me time" by going to have a drink with a friend and letting dinner and chores fall by the wayside for the evening. She's also openly struggled with quitting smoking and vaping. In an article she penned for Mamamia, Hall talked about how she felt ashamed for picking up smoking again in her 30s and failed multiple times to kick the habit.

In 2022, the mom also admitted that she was trying to quit vaping, which is now illegal in Australia without a doctor's prescription (per Daily Mail). Hall wrote on Facebook, "I didn't want my kids to see me vape and so I found myself hiding from them for just one more sugary nicotine filled puff."

She's an outspoken feminist

When it comes to feminism and gender issues, Constance Hall isn't one to mince words. In a conversation for 60 Minutes Australia, the social media star shared her thoughts on the unequal division of labor, saying, "[Women] got equal rights to go work, but we still have to do like 90% of the housework anyway, so what did that even do for us? It just made us more tired." Hall firmly believes childrearing should be evenly split between men and women in heterosexual relationships. But when it comes to who has more power in society, she believes women deserve more than their half. "I really think women should rule the world and we should be the bosses of everything and it should be a matriarchal country," she declared.

Hall has boldly expressed her feminist values across her social media posts, at times touching on difficult or taboo topics. For example, in one Instagram post, the blogger wrote about being slut-shamed by an ex — while proudly revealing how many people she's had sex with. In another social media post, she spoke about surviving sexual harassment at a previous job (via Yahoo! Lifestyle).

Hall has her own parenting style

There are many things all parents do but never admit to — except Constance Hall, who isn't afraid to expose her unconventional parenting style. This has, at times, earned her some haters and online bullies. She admitted to 60 Minutes Australia that she believes she's a victim of tall poppy syndrome, a phenomenon where society turns against successful people who stand out from the crowd. Given that Hall's fame has mostly come from her blog posts on being a mom, her parenting methods are among the first points people criticize.

One example is from 2018, when Hall was blasted for posting a photo of herself drinking a soft drink and looking at her phone soon after giving birth (per Heart). In another instance, Hall was criticized for buying junk food for her family (via The Sun). The blogger also caused controversy when she wrote on Facebook about accidentally getting pregnant and considering getting an abortion.

Hall knows that her approach can go against the grain, but as she wrote on Instagram in 2017, it's all part of being a mother in a world stacked against women: "I am used to being scrutinized for jobs that my husband is praised for. I am used to picking the kids up from school to judgmental looks about being late ... That's the way we as a society are, we place so much pressure on women to be perfect and selfless."