The Glossy Cold-Weather Nail Trend That's Sure To Be An Instant Classic

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Everyone tuned into worlds of fashion and beauty know that black never goes out of style for clothing, makeup, and nail polish. So, if you wear black nail polish with any formal or night-out outfit, you automatically look super chic. Plus, some of the best nail designs we've ever seen involve black nail polish (via Instagram). And, of course, you can never go wrong with a couple of coats of traditional black nail polish, especially during the fall and winter seasons. In 2022, there's an edgy, glossy spin on black nails, and the trend is inspired by leather.

The patent leather nail trend is easy to achieve, as it's simply short black nails that are glossier than usual. "Patent leather is ultra rock 'n roll... Dark short nails for fall are very expected and conservative, but when you add a patent leather finish to it, it gives it that punk, sexy edge," Brittney Boyce, the celebrity nail artist who founded Nails of LA, told Byrdie

Short, shiny black nails are super sleek

This leather-inspired nail trend is convenient and exudes cool-girl energy. So much so that even Tom Bachik, a celebrity nail artist, gave Marion Cotillard this type of manicure for a Chanel dinner event (via Instagram). And if you want more examples of how this ultra-stylish trend looks, all you have to do is search #glossyblacknails on Instagram. For instance, short glassy black nails look even more elegant when you wear rings (via Instagram). 

Anyone who wants to flaunt this look should start by checking that their nails aren't too long. No matter what technique you use to paint your nails, you'll need a dependable black nail polish like the Licorice black nail polish, available at Essie for $10. One way to get that glassy look while protecting your nails is to use a shiny top coat, such as the Sally Hansen Treatment Big Shiny Top Coat, available on Amazon for roughly $10. You can also paint a clear coat of polish over the black layer for additional shine, but we still recommend using a top coat to prevent damage such as chipping. Or, if you want to go all-out for this look, consider going to the nail salon for a professional gel manicure.