The Bold And The Beautiful's Don Diamont's Trick-Or-Treat Encounter With A Hollywood Legend

In 1990, actor Don Diamont began playing the fan-favorite character Brad Carlton on "The Young and the Restless." That year he became the first actor in a soap opera to be listed in the "50 Most Beautiful" edition of People, and told People, "Soap stud is just a label people give you. Inside this package is a Jerry Lewis screaming to get out—a goof." 

After Brad was unexpectedly killed off in 2009, Diamont moved over to "The Bold and the Beautiful," playing the ruthless Bill Spencer Jr. Bill has a long list of heinous acts including bribery, attempting to take control of Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications, sleeping with his daughter-in-law, burning down Spectra Fashions, and a hit-and-run among many other awful deeds, per Soap Central

But Bill Spencer has recently turned over a new leaf, attempting to change his cutthroat ways and become a better person for his family. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Diamont explained that Bill was a character that, "...can't get out of his own way. The very things that have made him one of the most powerful people on the planet are also the very things that personally can be so destructive for him."

While Bill is hard-edged and serious, his portrayer allowed his goofy, fan-boy side to appear in real life as he gushed about his Halloween encounter with a legendary icon.

Don Diamont's amazing Halloween encounter

"The Bold and the Beautiful" actor Don Diamont received a great treat this Halloween in the form of legendary actor Dustin Hoffman, and posted it on Instagram saying, "If this doesn't fall under the category of " ONLY IN LA", nothing does." 

While giving out candy to trick-or-treaters he saw, "...the ONE AND ONLY Dustin Hoffman...trick-or-treating with his grandchildren. Over 20 years ago we used to frequent the same spot [the Coral Tree Café] for breakfast." Diamont explained that years prior at the café, he asked Hoffman to sign his "Midnight Cowboy" poster which Hoffman's co-star in the film, Jon Voight, had already signed, and now hangs in his bathroom. He continued saying, "As their trick-or-treating group was about to leave I decided oh what the hell...This is too good! Soooo I walked up to Dustin and said, 'I know this is going to sound crazy, but would you come in our house for a moment? You have to see something pretty special that's hanging in our powder room.'"

Hoffman was shocked to see the poster. Diamont reminded him that he'd signed it 20 years prior, and Hoffman agreed to take a photo with Diamont in front of it. Diamont explained that Hoffman's wife, "...took the picture having to basically straddle the toilet! Too funny! Classic! What a lovely guy!"

The fans were so excited for Diamont with one almost speaking for all of them saying, "That's pretty epic."