Lipstick Shades You Need To Try For Fall 2022

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Beauty trends continue to evolve at an alarming rate, to the extent that it often seems like there's a new way to apply your makeup or a different coveted look every day. We can probably thank TikTok for that (via Vogue). While the revolving door continues to churn out glassy skin, monochrome makeup, or whatever the next big trend is, there will always be a few staple facts that cannot be altered. 

The first is the cardinal rule that has come to be widely accepted truth: Fall is all about bold lips. No matter the cost, once those leaves start hitting the ground it's time to whip out your trusty berry lipstick. Of course, your interpretation of a fall lip may differ. Some reach for a classic red, while others only deem it a fall lip if it's dark and burgundy. But the truth is there's a plethora of fall lipstick shades you can get creative with. 

Makeup artist Saffron Hughes broke down which trends will emerge in fall 2022: "We're expecting to see a lot of rusty reds, rich mauves, and crimson this season. As pop-punk and grunge are having more influence as we head into winter months, dark gothic glam purples will also be present this season," she shared (via Hello! magazine). We've put together a selection of unique and classic fall lipstick shades for you to dip into. 

Subtle brown tint

Let's start things off lightly. Sometimes you want your makeup to change along with the weather, but you aren't quite ready to take the plunge with an entirely new look — just a light nod to all the pumpkin vibes going on around you, but not too much. Switching out your usual your-lips-but-better lipstick for a similarly subtle brown-toned option is the perfect middle ground. Brown lipstick has been in for quite some time now, per Byrdie. So, why not incorporate it into your fall lip lineup?

Now, this first pick is for those searching for subtle simplicity. This is why the perfect choice would be something a lot less drastic than a full-on matte lip. You want something you can easily reapply throughout the day and which likewise only appears to be a subtle switch from your usual lips. Keys Soulcare's Comforting Tinted Lip Balm in the shade Gratitude is just what you're after. 

The lightly tinted balm will give your lips a brown/burnt hue that screams fall, but the secret reason it's really the perfect pick is that it doubles up as lip care to avoid the colder weather playing you. Dermatologically developed, this lip balm is super hydrating and soothing while giving your lips a wash of color, per Ulta. One fan pointed out another added bonus to the lip balm: "When I first opened the product I was hit with the most amazingly delicious vanilla scent. It smells so good I could eat it," they enthused. 

Soft terracotta

Moving on up in the world, it's time to show some love for a fall lipstick shade that doesn't get nearly enough attention. It's a color people seek out all year round, whether in fashion or home decor, but what it can do for your makeup look is even better. Terracotta is one of those underrated warm brownish/reddish autumnal shades that typically fall under the radar. It's often deemed more summery, but a soft terracotta lipstick shade is a smart choice all year round. 

When you're looking for a unique lipstick shade, it's all about the formula. The wrong approach could ruin the end result. When it comes to trying out a terracotta fall lip, Sunnies Face, the celeb-favorite makeup line from the Philippines that's finally available in the US, has cracked the code with its unique weightless demi-matte Fluffmatte Matte Lipsticks

Their Baked shade is the perfect terracotta peach, and the flawless blurry finish makes it that much easier to pull off. You get the lasting perks of a matte lip without the crusty dryness, which is ideal considering the weather is only going to get colder. Allure beauty writer Gabi Thorne even admitted it was so buttery and comfortable, she wondered, "How could this possibly be a matte lipstick?" It's just that soft. 

Rich brown

Now to get darker, and a little bolder. Not quite at the classical deep berry level yet, but don't underestimate how striking and bold a rich brown can be. '90s style brown makeup is back in a big way, thanks in large part to the popularity of grunge trends, per Byrdie. If you've been shying away from experimenting with it, fall is the perfect opportunity for you to take the plunge. 

Rich brown can seem tricky to pull off, but depending on your skin tone it could easily become your new go-to lipstick. As makeup artist Saffron Hughes explained to Hello! magazine, "If you're warm-toned, go full pumpkin-spice queen with oranges and brick reds." Meanwhile, "Those with cool-toned skin can stick to rich, earthier tones such as cool browns, true reds, and deep purples." 

And, with so many variations and undertones, there's something for everyone. However, our pick has to be the Rare Beauty Kind Words Matte Lipstick in the shade Strong, because if you're going to go brown you might as well go super rich chocolate. The cushiony airy formula makes this incredibly comfortable to wear throughout fall, and its airbrushed matte finish gives the color a richer, deeper look. If you're a little unsure, you can always opt for Wise instead, which is a slightly more subtle brown. 

True red

Well, obviously true red lipstick is a year-round classic, but it hits differently during the fall. Red lips will simply never go out of style. They are to makeup what a little black dress is to fashion: A style staple everyone needs to whip out every once in a while. When it comes to selecting a fall red lip you can go any direction really, from a warm brick red to a deep, dark maroon. But a true red is always unmatched. 

There's certainly no shortage of red lipstick options on the market, but this pick is especially perfect for fall. Professional makeup maven Lisa Eldridge absolutely nailed it with her exceptionally unique True Velvet Lip Colour lipsticks. Just looking at the velvet fabric bullet alone is impressive, let alone how it appears when applied. This lipstick somehow magically gives your lips a unique velvet finish that is completely incomparable to any classical matte lipstick. 

The shade Velvet Ribbon is the perfect true blue red that everyone needs and the comfortable non-drying formula makes this the easiest red to commit to, with Stylist noting, "The bullet looks like the exact texture of velvet, which translates to a plump, powdery finish on the lips" For those still unsure, The Times even deemed Velvet Ribbon: "The only red that suits Every. Single. Person." 

Iconic berry

No fall lipstick shade roundup would be complete without the one shade to rule them all: berry. The more vampish the better, berry's domination probably has more than a bit to do with Halloween. You can never go wrong with a deep berry lipstick once fall hits. Whether you go matte or glossy, sheer or opaque, red or purple-toned, berry lips are an autumnal must-have. Even minimalist queen Alexa Chung can't deny that vampy lips are always in style, per Vogue.

To switch things up a little from the classic matte liquid lipstick berry moment, why not try something a little more buildable and long-lasting? Victoria Beckham Beauty's Bitten Lip Tint in the shade Bisou is a uniquely subtle approach to the fall berry lip look. Described as "a rich nude-berry," this liquid lip tint lightly stains your lips for long-lasting color. 

You can start things off with a thick layer for a glossy wet-looking bold berry look, but you don't have to worry about it fading because the product is designed to leave a subtle berry stain on your lips for hours — it's the best of both worlds. As Beckham told Glossy, "It has this incredible sheer gel texture that hydrates and nourishes lips, but dries down to a semi-matte finish and stays put all day. It's a subtle tint that enhances your natural lip tone, so every shade looks incredible on everyone."