These Are The YouTube Channels You Should Follow If You're Into Travel

If travel is one of your favorite hobbies, you're probably already subscribed to some YouTubers who keep you inspired. Watching kindred spirits head off to distant lands and indulge in myriad different experiences is a great way to keep your passion for travel ignited even when you're sitting at an office desk with deadlines looming before you, per World Packers

The ability to actually turn your passion into a form of income through YouTube monetization, sponsored content, and collaborations has ensured that the video-sharing site is saturated with travel content, according to The Digital Scot. Whether you're looking for travel hacks that'll save you time and money or simply wanting a source of good globetrotting material to take your mind off the mundane routine of life, YouTube is a great space for it all. 

Sifting through the various channels, however, can feel overwhelming. Here's a list of 5 YouTube travel vloggers worth following if you're always daydreaming about seeing the world.

Be inspired to leave behind the mundane with Kara and Nate

With a powerful story that will resonate with most travel enthusiasts, Kara and Nate, a husband and wife duo from Nashville, Tennessee, decided to leave the mundane for the extraordinary when they quit their 9-5 jobs and took up traveling the globe, per Chris Guillebeau. Their channel chronicles the couple's journey from a spontaneous decision in 2016 to take a year off to travel to where they are now — full-time travel content creators on YouTube. And when the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on travel plans in 2020, the persevering globetrotters moved into a van and took on the U.S. on four wheels. Talk about an inspiration!

The content is raw and real as much as it is educational, and followers of the channel are taken on varied excursions, from life in a $650,000 EarthRoamer to 24 hours at the world's largest gas station. If you love travel, you'll love their content.

Follow Hey Nadine for useful (and often overlooked) tips on travel

Sometimes, it's easy to get lost in the whimsical nature of travel and forget essential tools that'll help make your sojourns more efficient. With a focus on travel hacks and useful tips on some important aspects about travel that you may overlook, the YouTube channel Hey Nadine is a great source for those looking to sharpen their knowledge about the actual process of traveling. Created by Nadine Sykora, the channel has an optimistic and lively energy to it (via Pocket Wanderings). 

Offering content like airport hacks you need to know and rookie travel mistakes to avoid, Sykora has grown her channel, which essentially started off as an escape from college courses, to what it is today: a lucrative platform with over 498,000 subscribers. She also focuses on solo travel, so you may find some ideas for fantastic places for vacationing alone

"If you love what you do, why stop doing it?" she asked Where Traveler

Shed your inhibitions about travel with Fearless and Far

Stepping foot in an entirely new land with its own traditions, culture, and people can feel daunting at times, no matter how much you travel. However, YouTuber Mike Corey delves right into these fears (and a lot more) with his channel Fearless and Far

Corey pushes himself beyond his comfort zone by exploring destinations that are off the beaten track and invites his followers to overcome their fears through travel (via World Packers). The sense of adventure and adrenaline is on full display in his videos, such as when he's raiding a baboon camp with Hadza Hunter-Gatherers in Tanzania or living a week with the death tribe of Indonesia. That's why you may be surprised to find out that this New Brunswick, Canadian vlogger was actually very shy when he started filming videos. 

"I had no background in making videos, speaking on camera, or public speaking. Actually, it was the opposite of that: I had a phobia of all that kind of stuff," he shared with Tube Filter. But, a love for animals and some soul-searching he did when he was couchbound for months because of MRSA made him enter the world of YouTube. He hasn't looked back since.

Get to know more than meets the eye with Drew Binsky

In October 2021, YouTuber Drew Binsky became one of less than 300 people ever to have traveled to all the countries in the world (via Men's Journal). That's 193 countries recognized by the U.N., two observer states, and two more nations Binsky wanted to add to his list. With such a wealth of knowledge, it's not hard to see how much there is learn from his YouTube channel, which currently has over 3.32 million followers. 

What's uniquely different about this American vlogger is his approach to storytelling. Binsky's videos educate people on the various political and social issues of the nations he visits as well, per Pocket Wanderings. While celebrating the richness of each culture he explores, he also sheds light on important topics like race, religion, and acceptance of diversity. 

The YouTuber also enjoys dispelling fears surrounding countries that people consider to be unsafe. "I really like traveling into countries that are considered dangerous, or where people are scared to go. Some of my favorites were Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Venezuela," he shared with Men's Journal.

The world belongs to the brave with Eva zu Beck

If you're someone who enjoys traveling alone or who wants to dare to be different with your travels, whether it's exploring the lesser-known places of famous countries or driving along the loneliest road in America, Polish traveler Eva zu Beck might interest you. With a desire to feel alive through each of her experiences, Zu Beck's videos capture the raw and the beautiful side of travel in a refreshing balance. 

Traveling solo was something this courageous YouTuber decided to do in order to push herself out of her comfort zone and meet and get to know new people, per Interview. Leaving behind a comfortable corporate job in London, Zu Beck has navigated the challenges of being a solo female traveler, converting a 4x4 Land Rover Defender into a full time home, and even becoming a dog mom on the go. The world belongs to the brave — this is the saying she lives by, and it's very evident in her content.