Why Elizabeth's Long-Awaited Back Story Reveal Have General Hospital Fans Scratching Their Heads

Over the 25 years since Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) first arrived in Port Charles she's gone from a rebellious teenager to a pillar of the community, or as head nurse Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) called her, "the heart of General Hospital," according to Soap Central. As she's grown, Elizabeth has embraced motherhood because of her three children, and although she's made some questionable choices over the years, she teamed up with Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) to save the life of his brother, detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), who was poisoned by evildoer Peter August (Wes Ramsey) — the man who killed Elizabeth's husband Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). As Celebrating the Soaps notes, this crisis was where Finn and Liz found they had feelings for each other.

When Finn tossed Peter down a flight of stairs in a fit of anger, he and Elizabeth covered up the fact that they thought Peter was dead. After the crisis was over and Chase was cured, Liz and Finn became a couple. Liz recently started recovering old memories that involved Finn's late wife, Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara), unconscious at the bottom of a flight of stairs. This confused Elizabeth since Finn told her Reiko had died because of Blackwood's disease (via Soap Opera Spy).

The mystery of her past with Reiko, coupled with the fact that Elizabeth's parents pretty much abandoned her for 25 years has never been resolved — until now.

The truth about Elizabeth Webber's past seems to have fuzzy math

As the mystery of what happened to Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara) unfolded on "General Hospital," the show posted on Twitter, "Elizabeth came to Monterey in search of the truth. Does she believe the version of it that Jeff and Carolyn are telling?" Fans observed that it appeared when Reiko and Liz struggled, Reiko fell down the stairs by accident. However, one astute fan pointed out a plot issue posting, "I thought Finn's wife died of a disease??? Maybe I missed something!" Fans didn't believe the story Liz's parents laid out with one replying, "I do not trust these deadbeat parents. I feel terrible for Elizabeth."

The show later tweeted a video clip of Elizabeth confronting her parents, Jeff and Carolyn Webber (William Moses and Denise Crosby), writing, "Jeff and Carolyn owe Elizabeth an explanation." Despite not caring for the storyline, viewers enjoyed Herbst's acting with one stating, "Becky gives it her all EVERY TIME. She never phones it in no matter how bad the writing is. She's superb!" Many fans got hung up on the math of how old the characters were during the flashbacks, as a viewer stated, "Isn't the timeline off? 25 years ago Elizabeth was 15 and Finn was already a Dr?"

One fan gave up speculating and posted, "Wait. Elizabeth's dad had sex with Finn's wife? I'm not even going to try and math this."