Who Are The Fathers Of Elizabeth Webber's Three Sons On General Hospital?

Summer 2022 will mark the 25-year anniversary of Rebecca Herbst's debut on "General Hospital" as fan-favorite Elizabeth Webber. Although Herbst's character is currently leaving town for a stint in the local mental institution (which may or may not be due to contract negotiations with the show, per Soap Dirt), Elizabeth has been a significant player in Port Charles for many years.

First arriving on her grandmother's porch in 1997 as a troubled teen, Liz soon became part of the infamous foursome that included Emily Quartermaine (Amber Tamblyn), Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), and Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), according to Soap Central. Once a struggling painter, by 2004, Elizabeth decided to become a nurse and has been a staple at the hospital ever since.

Elizabeth has been through her fair share of relationships over the years, as any daytime leading lady has. Though none of them have lasted, three of those romances blessed her with a son. The soap often characterizes Liz as a struggling single mother who's always tight on cash and searching for a father figure for "her boys," much to the dismay of longtime viewers. Fans were thrilled in recent years to see Elizabeth finally settle into the life she always dreamed of through her marriage to Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and they were outraged when he was killed off the show in 2021. Franco was an excellent stepfather to her three kids, but some were left wondering who the boys' real fathers were and why none of them were in the picture.

Cameron Webber is Zander Smith's son

By 2003, Elizabeth Webber had already endured a breakup with her first love, Lucky Spencer, and a failed marriage to Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), with whom she also miscarried as child (via Soap Central). After catching Lucky sleeping with her sister Sarah Webber (Sarah Laine) and realizing mob-enforcer Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) had chosen Courtney Matthews (Alicia Leigh Willis) over her, Elizabeth went to a bar to lick her wounds. She ran into ex-fling Zander Smith (Chad Brannon), who had just broken up with Emily Quartermaine. The two had a one-night-stand that resulted in a pregnancy, but by the time Elizabeth realized she was expecting, she had reconciled with Ric. Due to Zander's dangerous job with the mob, the three agreed that Ric would raise the baby as his own. Soon after, a very troubled Zander found himself on the wrong side of a police stand-off and ultimately died from the gunfire.

Elizabeth's second marriage to Ric didn't pan out either, and she found herself back with Lucky. The two married and began building a life together with Lucky raising little Cam. Many newer "General Hospital" viewers didn't know the backstory of Cameron's paternity until Chad Brannon made a reappearance on the show in 2021 as a spirit (via Soaps). Cam (William Lipton) went to visit Zander's grave, seeking solace after the death of his stepfather Franco Baldwin, and "speaking" to his biological father helped the teenager come to terms with his grief.

Jake Spencer is Jason Morgan's son

By 2007, Elizabeth and Lucky's relationship had started to crumble (again). Lucky had become addicted to painkillers, which resulted in him having an affair with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), according to Soaps In Depth. After discovering that she'd been cheated on and failing to get Lucky clean, Elizabeth turned to her old flame, Jason. The two slept together, but Elizabeth ultimately decided she couldn't be with him because his life in the mob was too dangerous for her son, Cameron.

Soon after, Liz discovered she was pregnant. By the time she gave birth to her second son, Jake, she and Lucky were divorced, but he had managed to kick his addiction (via Soap Central). She let everyone believe that he was her son's father, though she knew it was really Jason. Eventually, both men found out the truth but agreed to let Lucky raise the boy. In 2011, little Jake was hit by a car driven by his grandfather Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and was presumed dead. 

Four years later, Lucky discovered Jake was alive and being held captive by the evil Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). He rescued the boy and reunited him with his mother before returning to Ireland where he had been living for some time. In recent years, Jake was able to see his biological father Jason occasionally, but his stepdad Franco truly became the supportive father figure he never had. Unfortunately, both Jason and Franco were killed off the show in 2021, leaving Jake fatherless once again.

Aiden Spencer is Lucky Spencer's son

By 2010, Elizabeth and Jason had tried and failed once again to make things work, and Liz had found her way back to Lucky. They were recently engaged when Lucky's brother and Elizabeth's close friend Nikolas found himself heartbroken by Rebecca Shaw (Natalia Livingston), the evil long lost twin of his late wife Emily (via Soaps). Elizabeth and Nikolas were drawn together and had an affair. Their indiscretion became public, destroying most of their relationships. Soon after, Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant, and once again was unsure who the father was. She decided to have a paternity test, but unbeknownst to everyone, Helena Cassadine switched the results of the test to make it appear that Nikolas was the father, per Soaps In Depth. Nikolas raised Aiden as his own for close to a year before Liz was encouraged to seek a new paternity test due to the little boy's physical resemblance to Lucky. She discovered the truth just before her son Jake "died" and afterward, Lucky was in no condition to be a father, and soon left for Ireland.

Although Lucky's the only biological father of Liz's sons who's still alive, and who at one point planned to raise each of her boys as his own, he has been out of the picture for many years now and plays little part in their lives. Considering how difficult the childhoods of Cam, Jake, and Aiden have been, it's no wonder fans were upset when their happy family unit was once again destroyed after their beloved Franco died.