The Inside Story Of The Chase Men On General Hospital

Beyond the medical staff at "General Hospital," the soap opera has always revolved around the families that inhabit the fictional town of Port Charles, New York. Some families have been embedded in the foundation of "GH" for decades, while others have only begun to make their mark in recent years. One that has only recently risen to prominence on the show is the Chase family.

There are three Chase men at the forefront: Dr. Hamilton "Finn" Finn (Michael Easton), his half-brother Harrison "Chase" Chase (Josh Swickard), and their father Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison). Each is involved in their own trials and tribulations separately and together as a family. Although Finn was the first to enter the picture in 2016, each man has made his mark on the canvas. With wildly different careers, Finn a doctor, Chase a former police detective and aspiring pop star, and Gregory a journalist and professor, there's no part of the Port Charles community they don't have an impact on. 

However, it hasn't been an easy road for this family. Their bond was nearly obsolete before they arrived in town due to a secret, decades-old indiscretion (via Soaps in Depth). The dark secret woven into the fabric of their family nearly destroyed their blood ties forever.

Finn was the first Chase man to arrive in Port Charles

Dr. Hamilton Finn's introduction on "General Hospital" came as an infectious disease specialist brought in to treat Tracy Quartermaine's mystery illness (via Soaps in Depth). Shortly after his arrival, it became apparent that Finn suffered from substance abuse issues. With the help of Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig), Finn conquered his addiction after being tied to a chair in a hotel suite and forced to face withdrawal. Unfortunately, the behavior Finn exhibited toward Hayden during the withdrawal process forced her to cut ties with him. They eventually reunited, but Hayden's legal troubles caused her to flee Port Charles (and Finn), claiming she had miscarried their unborn child. Years down the line, Hayden returned, accompanied by their daughter Violet, proving that she lied about losing the baby. 

Finn's next significant relationship was with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), but once again, the lies of the woman in his life ruined everything. Anna's constant secrecy regarding her criminal "son" Peter August (Wes Ramsey) broke them up in the end. Finn called it quits on their wedding day after learning that Anna knew she wasn't Peter's biological mother and didn't tell him (via Soap Central).

Lately, Finn's been in a turbulent relationship with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), though fans think he's the last thing Elizabeth needs right now.

Harrison Chase has been surrounded by drama

Harrison Chase first arrived on "General Hospital" in 2018 as police detective Dante Falconeri's (Dominic Zamprogna) new partner following the tragic death of Nathan West (Ryan Paevey), per Soaps in Depth. Chase's past connection to career criminal Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) was eventually revealed, and he grew close to Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) as they worked to take her down. The detective's relationship with Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) was destroyed after Chase and Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson) faked an affair in order to help Michael get custody of his son from Nelle. 

Chase and Willow never recovered from his fake betrayal, but he has since found new love with Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). The two first met when Chase was forced to arrest Brook Lynn multiple times, but a friendship bloomed despite the rocky start. Chase frequently put his career on the line to defend her and lost his job as a cop after hitting a sleazy music producer who was mistreating her (via Soap Central). Despite normally operating under a strict code of honesty, Chase also bent the rules when he and Brook Lynn posed as the parents of Maxie Jones' baby to protect the little girl from her real father, Peter August (via Daytime Confidential). Following that ordeal, Chase and Brook Lynn's relationship grew romantic.

It isn't only Chase's love life and career that's been troubled, though. When he first arrived in Port Charles, he was estranged from his older half-brother, Harrison Finn, who had left home before Chase was born. Despite Finn's prickly attitude and refusal to discuss their family, Chase was able to wear down his defenses, and the two began to form a bond.

Gregory Chase's arrival in town exposed old secrets

Gregory Chase is the patriarch of the Chase family, but when he made his way to Port Charles in 2020, all hell broke loose (via Soaps in Depth). Gregory and Chase were quite close, but Finn hadn't spoken to his father in decades, and his arrival in town put a strain on the brothers' tenuous relationship. Chase was determined to develop a genuine sibling bond, but Finn was always reluctant to get close, and the truth about why would soon be unveiled.

Around the same time, Chase's mother, famed reporter Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney), returned to "General Hospital" for the first time since Demi Moore exited the role in 1984. With Jackie came the truth about the unspoken cause of tension among the men in the family. The chemistry between Finn and Jackie was palpable and undeniable, hinting at their past connection. It was eventually revealed that decades earlier, Finn and Jackie had a one-night stand the night before her wedding to Gregory (via Soaps). The guilt of what they had done ate away at Finn, and he distanced himself from the family. 

Torn about by this megawatt secret, the family's troubles were only beginning, as another issue was bubbling beneath the surface — Chase's paternity. 

Chase's paternity results threatened the family bond forever

Once Jackie Templeton and Hamilton's transgression was disclosed on "General Hospital," another earth-shattering situation rocked the family. Given the timeline of their torrid affair, there was a chance that Finn was Chase's biological father (via Soaps in Depth). After years of believing Finn to be his older brother, Chase understandably struggled with that idea. He vowed that he would always see Gregory as his true father and denounced the possibility of ever embracing Finn as his dad in any way, shape, or form.

A paternity test was ordered to determine the truth, and to the horror of everyone involved, the results showed that Finn was indeed Chase's father. This new reality threatened to tear the family further apart and destroy any potential for the three Chase men to finally bond. However, it was eventually revealed that the DNA results had been tampered with by mobster Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) as revenge against Jackie for publishing an expose about his alleged criminal enterprise.

Thankfully, the truth came to light, and Gregory was able to take back his rightful place as Chase's father. Since then, the Chase men have been able to put the past behind them and are more united than ever. However, there's a new mystery unfolding involving Finn's late wife, Reiko, so the family may have another rocky road ahead of them (via Soap Dirt).