The Harry Potter Character You'd Relate To If You're A Libra

Each sign of the zodiac offers its own unique characteristics, traits, and outlook on the world. The 12 signs are all different but can share similarities when it comes to their values and core beliefs. Those born under the air sign of Libra (September 22 to October 23), are known for being concerned with justice, balance, and keeping things fair for everyone (via Parade). The sign is said to seek out harmony in all aspects of their life, as they love peace and structure. Libras also have reputations for being very social and can carry on conversations with anyone they come across due to their charm and ability to be liked by many.

However, Libras can also be indecisive as they hate confrontation and have the ability to see every side of an argument. Often, the air sign doesn't like being alone and can be prone to living in a bit of a fantasy world, per Co-Star Astrology. Libras are also known for being mediators during tense times and have the ability to dissolve conflict and cool tempers. Whether born in September or October, Libra is also a highly intuitive sign, and using their intubation is a great way for them to navigate their lives, per Allure.

There are many great literary and film characters that Libras may resonate with, and in the world of "Harry Potter," the sign may find a connection with one of the story's most respected characters.

Libras may feel a connection to Minerva McGonagall

While "Harry Potter" focuses so much on Harry and his young friends, some fans forget to understand and share in the joy of the series' older characters as well. The adults in the franchise also have amazing stories, such as one of Hogwarts' favorite and most well-respected teachers, Minerva McGonagall. According to Pinkvilla, Professor McGonagall was born on October 11, making her a Libra. So, right off the bat, the air sign can relate to the character. She's also private about her personal life, making her a perfect Libra fit (via Buzzfeed).

Professor McGonagall shows off her Libra side by consistently keeping a balanced and fair-minded point of view with all the students at Hogwarts. Although she obviously has a great affection for Harry and his friends, she's not above reprimanding them when she sees fit, as well as offering them a little extra help when they need it (via Screen Rant).

The professor thankfully makes it through the entire series and even helps Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts gang fight against Voldemort in the story's thrilling conclusion, proving her loyalty and fight to end injustice like a true Libra. Of course, there are a few other characters with Libra vibes as well.

Other Harry Potter characters with Libra energy

According to Bustle, Libras may also identify with another one of Hogwarts' most beloved teachers, Remus Lupin. "Harry Potter" fans understand that Lupin is known for his kind demeanor and ability to stay calm, cool, and collected during times of high emotion. The character also tries hard to keep peace and balance in his own life, while keeping the shocking secret that he's a werewolf. Lupin is also very charming and full of love for those close to him, making him a great Libra-inspired character.

Meanwhile, the New York Post notes that another "Harry Potter" character with strong Libra energy is the beloved house elf Dobby. The character's fate was a sad one, as he was imprisoned for years before Harry helped him gain his freedom. Dobby remained loyal to Harry and was one of the most charming and loveable pieces of the complex story.

It appears that there are some great characters for Libras to relate to in "Harry Potter," which makes it the perfect franchise for the air sign to enjoy whether they sit down to read the fan-favorite books, or tune in for a movie marathon.