Here's What Moriah Plath Really Looks Like Without Makeup

Moriah Plath found fame alongside the rest of her extended family on TLC's hit reality show, "Welcome to Plathville." But the longer the Plaths were in the spotlight, the clearer it became that Moriah wasn't suited to living under her parents' strict rules. As a result, her brother Micah Plath and Moriah ultimately moved out of the family home in their late teens. Ever since the ambitious duo has been carving out their own lives with budding careers and more freedom than ever before.

Through it all, the super close siblings continue sharing their experiences with fans online — which is doubly impressive considering their parents previously forbid any internet access. As Moriah contended, in the Season 2 premiere, "My parents were ... protecting me from the outside world. They tried to control, like, literally everything — what we ate, what we wore" (via TV Shows Ace). Now that she's finally out on her own, Moriah can experiment with makeup and fashion too.

However, her latest post is courting attention for displaying the reality star's natural beauty instead.

The Welcome to Plathville star was praised for going barefaced

Although she's known for her wild beauty looks — at least, by the standards of her ultra strict family — when Moriah Plath took to Instagram to share a video applying some of her favorite products, she kicked it off completely bare-faced. "Every single morning I wake up looking forward to creating a crazy makeup look. I never plan what I'm going to do I just make it up as I go and have fun with it!" she captioned the clip.

The "Welcome to Plathville" star rarely appears on social media or the show without a full face of glam on, and fans were quick to compliment her. "You look beautiful 😍 the natural look suits you so so well!" wrote one, while another enthused, "You look beautiful without makeup." Even Moriah's brother, Micah Plath, was impressed, noting: "Idk why I just watched a whole vid of my sister putting makeup on, pretty cool ngl."

Moriah also shared her favorite brand of lipstick for fans looking to replicate her signature red lip (it's Maybelline's Super Stay® Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick in shade "Dancer," FYI). The "Welcome to Plathville" star has done plenty of growing up in public, including enduring her first heartbreak. She's still learning, telling People: "I want to be stable and happy on my own and independent and never, ever, ever be in a place where I depend on a man for my happiness, because that is never a good thing."