The Real Reason Micah And Moriah Plath Moved Out

Welcome to Plathville is back for a second season and already proving to be much more drama-filled than the first time around. When the show debuted, the Plath family was incredibly close. Although ultra-conservative parents Barry and Kim institute a variety of strict rules for their brood, including keeping them off social media and away from junk food, they seemed like a happy enough bunch. The only real issue was with the eldest child, Ethan's new wife, Olivia, whose more open approach to life threatened to lead the older kids astray.

Although poor Olivia isn't entirely to blame, it became clear as the season dragged on that Micah and Moriah, in particular, were starting to question their parents' approach. Rumors swirled that Welcome to Plathville wouldn't be coming back for round two because the family was in tatters. Now that it has returned, we know that Micah and Moriah have indeed branched out on their own to the extent they're no longer even living with their parents. The decision to leave, as it turns out, was an easy one for the ambitious teenagers.

The Welcome to Plathville stars were sick of their parents' rules

During the first episode of season 2, Micah and Moriah led cameras around their new rental home as the happy twosome gushed about how much their lives have changed for the better over the past few months, particularly since leaving the family home. Micah explained how he'd come to a mutual agreement with their parents about moving out, while Moriah joked that she "moved out slash got kicked out." The aspiring musician admitted she had reached her breaking point with their folks' rules and was "starving for freedom." 

As Moriah explained, "My parents were ... protecting me from the outside world. They tried to control, like, literally everything — what we ate, what we wore." And, although she acknowledged they meant well, the Welcome to Plathville star admitted to feeling "like an outsider in the real world." Since venturing out on their own, the duo has been pursuing their careers, embarking on new relationships, utilizing social media, and essentially doing and dressing as they like. Moriah put it best when she stated simply, "I hate rules."