The Best 2022 Holiday Gifts For All The Men In Your Life

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Even if you don't like the snow and cold often associated with the winter months, it's also the holiday season! And December 2022 really sparkles because three of the winter holidays — Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas — offer opportunities for friends and family to come together for celebrations. On top of that, there are generic holiday shenanigans like gathering for cocktail parties and cookie-baking, or, if you're a fan of the show "Friends," you might even celebrate Festivus!

As you bounce from one celebration to the next, you'll want to bring some gifts for your loved ones. We understand that sometimes the men on your shopping list can be a challenge to shop for, so we've volunteered to sift the endless world wide web for the best 2022 holiday gifts for all the men in your life! Yes, there are ugly sweaters, beard-taming luxuries, and fun stocking stuffers. But if you're like us, the men in your life are complex and worldly (except for that one guy that wipes his mouth on his shirt sleeve), so we also included plenty of unique gifts here for men that are elegant AF.

How we selected products

Leading up to the 2022 holiday shopping season, The National Retail Federation conducted a 2,000-person survey. Although inflation is top-of-mind for consumers, the poll indicates that folks are still planning to prioritize holiday shopping. And, as we've seen the past few years, the supply chain and fluctuations in the workforce impact timelines for things — so, it's best to start that shopping early. 

In addition to reviewing holiday shopping trend reports from outlets such as Forbes, we also created a team of experts — from across a variety of markets — to offer advice on what the best gifts are for men in 2022. We're thrilled to welcome into the mix Cary Telander-Fortin and Cara Oppenheimer. They're the cofounders of goodbuy, a shopping platform that provides conscious consumers at-the-ready access to small businesses that align with their values. Also in the online shopping realm, Van Yanez — an award-winning designer — brings 20 years of experience into the mix. Yanez is the head designer and product developer at the clothing brand VERZUS ALL. Danielle Becker, the founder and CEO of Lefty's Right Mind, and Sam Coil, founder of Branded Bills, both bring in oodles of creativity. 

Rounding out the panel of experts, we have Cary Wong, Director of Coffee at Partners CoffeeMatt Altman, CEO and Co-Founder, Sportiqe Apparel Co.; and the COO and Co-Founder of men's skincare brand Cardon, Jacqueline Oak. And a men's gift-giving guide wouldn't be complete without a smattering of tech, so we're thrilled to welcome the Editorial Director of Computers and Gaming at CNET, Dan Ackerman.

For the man who values Shea Butter handcrafted by women in Africa

Shea Moisture was founded in 1912 by Sofi Tucker — a mother of four in Sierra Leone. She started a business handcrafting beauty formulas, shea butter, and African black soap. Not only does her legacy live on, but the shea butter is still crafted by African women. Plus, the entire line of products is created without animal testing and is free-from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

This 4-piece shave gift set includes beard wash, detangler, conditioning oil, and balm. And nearly 8,000 Amazon customers have rated it 4.7 stars! So, gift him the healthy skin that happens when you use shea butter on your face.

Expert Tip: We asked Jacqueline Oak, COO and Co-Founder of Cardon, what her skincare brand has seen trending with men recently. "Men are tired of the basic 5-in-1 products," she says, "and are definitely looking to invest in their skin health as a form of self-care."

Price: The 4-Piece Shea Moisture Beard Kit is available on Amazon, starting at $39.89.

Social Media Highlight: The Shea Moisture Instagram feed — which has 848,000 followers — has plenty of fair-trade makers' moments but also media features, including the brand's Allure Beauty Award.

He'll have a latke fun in these Hanukkah pajamas

These pajamas are for the man that wants to celebrate The Festival of Lights with a little lightheartedness. The flapjack-style loungewear has a menorah and star patterned print, and by golly, they're perfect for chilling out after a round of gifts and dreidel spinning. The blue and white Hanukkah-themed cotton is pre-shrunk, and the pattern itself is infused within the fabric — not just printed on the outside — which means less fading and more wear time. 

Nearly 4,000 Amazon customers took the time to post reviews and rate these with 4.5 stars. Plus, most agree on the comfort and quality. "These were very comfy and so much fun to wear! Bought them for the whole family. I love the flap on the back of the adult-sized pajamas. So cute!"

Price: The Lazy One Brand Flapjack Matching Pajamas are available on Amazon, with adult sizes starting at $47.99.

Social Media Highlight: Lazy One is serving up some cuteness overload on Instagram (including dogs in PJs!) to its 30,000 followers.

Gift him his true calling — the title and lands of a Celtic lord

What an incredible gift! The website Celtic Titles — along with its Scottish sister site, Highland Titles — allows you to buy a tiny parcel of land in either Ireland or Scotland and gift someone the certificate of authenticity, which comes with the title Lord, Laird, or Lady. The United States Census Bureau reports that one in ten Americans have a bit o' the Irish in 'em. So, you likely have someone on your shopping list who would totally implode with joy if they became a Celtic Lord.

Packages begin with land parcels of 1 square foot and increase from there, and all plots come with the option to physically visit your land. Yup! You read that correctly. For example, you can visit your Celtic plot in The Celtic Titles Nature Reserve located in Slievekirk Wood, Ardmore, near Derry. But even without visiting, the certificate and gift inclusions will be your most memorable gift this year.

Expert Tip: "I am always an advocate for experience-based gifts rather than tangible items," says Sam Coil, the Founder of Branded Bills. He outlined how the pandemic has created a deeper appreciation of family, so we love how this gift honors someone's heritage (or just their St. Patty's Day yearning to be Irish!).

Price: The Celtic Land and Title Packages (with visitation access) are available from Celtic Titles, starting at $60.

Social Media Highlight: This unique brand has been around since 2006, and aside from bringing gift recipients tremendous joy, the larger goal is to "help preserve and encourage protection of flora and fauna." The land reserve is an educational tool for schools, and you can read up on the land's biodiversity on the website and new Instagram feed.

For the gentleman who will appreciate a touch of winter-inspired aromatherapy

The folks at Archipelago Botanicals are serious about their craft, regularly creating beguiling scents that transform any room into an aromatherapy oasis. This particular scent, Black Forest, has a woodsy black currant scent, which is nice for winter. Plus, it burns for 100 hours, and the packaging also deserves some spotlight since it's rather stately and 100% elegant.

In terms of reviews, people routinely make passionate statements. For example, one reviewer said, "best smell in the world," whereas another said, "The best candle scent ever! Long-lasting and perfect gift-wrapped!"

Price: The Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Letter Press Candle is available on Amazon for $54.

Social Media Highlight: Archipelago Botanicals can often be seen on the shelves at Nordstrom and The Ritz Carlton Shops, as well as on Pinterest, where the brand gets over 11,000 views a month.

This limited-edition gin is infused with coastal botanicals

The Hendrick's master distiller, Ms. Lesley Gracie, took the typically woodsy and juniper-centric gin profile and imbued it with coastal elements. The resulting flavor is reminiscent of sipping gin along the shores of an untamed ocean — a traditional gin flavor, but with just a hint of briny ocean breeze and a touch of lime in the finish. This is a limited-release, sure to make a beautiful and memorable gift.

Expert Tip: Jim Vorel, from Paste, eloquently described the flavor profile. "The slight salinity you would probably expect from a 'coastal' gin is there, but it's fairly subtle, a sensation on the lips more than an outright flavor. You do get that Hendrick's rose petal perfume for sure ... Overall, the Neptunia has a pleasant sweetness and citrus accent to it, with gentle ethanol and a kiss of resinous juniper." He suggests it's still perfect for a martini, and we love it for any cocktails that highlight its coastal thyme vibes.

Price: The Hendrick's Limited-Release Neptunia Gin is available on Drizly, starting at $43.99.

Social Media Highlight: Hendrick's always seems to make a splash on YouTube with over 55,307,800 views, which makes sense considering its incredible video content. The brand mixes 2 parts creativity with one part heritage gin to make videos that meld together beautiful illustrations and real-life mixologist magic.

Because it's Christmas and ugly sweaters are (almost) always appropriate

What's more divisive than politics? The ugly Christmas sweater trend, of course! Okay, it's less of a trend, per see, and more of a holiday-induced obsession with the joy of being quirky and campy. And the elves at Hanes have created a whopping 50 ugly sweater options — but in sweatshirt form, hooray! If Christmas isn't your jam, no worries. They've got winter themes, Hanukkah, festive red Solo cups, and more.

Of the 2,300 reviews, 75% gave this sweatshirt a 5-star rating. And most agree that it's "perfect for an ugly sweater party." Along those lines, another reviewer chimed in from Mexico with praise and a festive photo. He bought the beard goals version and said it's perfect; "Es perfecto, me encantó el caliente por dentro y de tela ligera!"

Expert Tip: Here's the thing; we totally agree with Danielle Becker when she mentioned that "The pandemic created this new 'work from home' culture, opening a new lifestyle of freedom." And honey, this sweatshirt scream freedom louder than Mel Gibson at the end of "Braveheart."

Price: The Hanes Men's Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt is available on Amazon, starting at $7.17.

Social Media Highlight: We're unsure how Hanes has the time to create 50 ugly holiday sweaters, considering how busy they are on social media. They're juggling 2,645,630 followers on Facebook, 56,000 fans on Instagram, and nearly 6 million views on YouTube. Plus, the brand has celeb fans, such as Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, who are regularly featured on the 'gram.

He'll mock the cold in these heated gloves that adjust based on his body temperature

Welcome to the future. These Eddie Bauer gloves work with an app that allows you to set a desired internal temperature. From there, the glove auto-adjust depending on your activity level and fluctuating body temperature. On top of that, the gender-neutral design includes full waterproofing and the always-appreciated soft-textured nose wipe area on the back of the thumb. If you think about it, it's the one cool thing about shoveling snow: It's such an arduous chore that it's socially acceptable — and scientifically necessary — to wipe your nose on your glove!

That aside, these gloves represent a breakthrough technology that will help prevent potential cold weather issues, like frostbite, during serious winter activities like shoveling, skiing, or pond skating.

Expert Tip: Dan Ackerman is the Editorial Director of Computers and Gaming at CNET, so we asked him to chime in. With so many techy gift options, what's the most critical consideration in choosing a memorable tech-enhanced gift. It all comes down to one question, he says. "Does it replicate something he already has without improving or upgrading it?"

Price: The Guide Pro Smart Heated Gloves are available at Eddie Bauer for $224.95.

Social Media Highlight: Eddie Bauer has 340,000 followers on Instagram, and these gloves made a recent debut alongside images of legit alpine climbing professionals putting them to the test.

If they're good enough for Tom Cruise ...

American Optical (AO) is pretty legendary in the world of sunglasses. These folks created the Saratoga frame-sunglasses, made famous by the hunky former president JFK. Although his iconic tortoiseshell sunnies are often referred to as Raybans, that's a myth debunked by The Robb Report and confirmed by the actual source — American Optical. The brand has been around since the 1880s and has remained not just relevant but culturally important ever since.

So much so, "Top Gun Maverick" star Tom Cruise wore the brand's Original Pilot Sunglasses to the film's premiere, and the similarity to "Top Gun" main character, Pete Mitchell, was uncanny.

Price: The AO Original Pilot Sunglasses are available on Amazon for $209.

Social Media Highlight: For the record, Tom Cruise loves his AOs. Aside from the movie premiere, he can be seen out and about in his pilot-style AOs, as evidenced by this Instagram image of him at Wimbledon. Oh, and this one of him rockin' his AOs at the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain!

This slim-style wallet has over 100,000 Amazon reviews!

We've all seen it — that person with a cartoonishly large wallet somehow wedged into their back pocket. Of course, it's important to note that this wallet can't necessarily prevent the urge to stockpile a lifetime of receipts in one's wallet, but it can help keep things more manageable. This slim design boasts 11 card slots, a money clip, and RFID blocking.

Oh, one more noteworthy nugget: Its design and features have inspired over 100,000 Amazon customers to rank it as the no. 1 product in the Men's Money Clips category!

Expert Tip: We asked gifting expert Van Yanez if traditional gifts, like wallets, are still popular. And the response helped shape our selection here. "While they may be still expecting traditional choices as gifts, such a wallet, they are seeking new features."

Price: The Slim Bifold Wallet with Money Clip and RFID Blocking is available on Amazon, starting at $29.95.

Social Media Highlight: If the man in your life has "a filing cabinet under half his ass," à la George Costanza in the classic episode of "Seinfeld," it might be time to help him downsize. Clips from the episode are still favorites on YouTube, including "George's Exploding Wallet," which has had 1.7 million views over the years.

This 2022 Victorinox limited release is winter's wonder tool

There are only 10,000 of these beauties in the world, so right away, we're curious. Victorinox is offering this limited-edition Walnut wood multitool for winter 2022, and it's the under-$100 gift that will just look cooler as it ages. It has 12 onboard tools, including a large and small blade, can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, wire stripper, reamer, punch and sewing awl, Phillips screwdriver, and more.

Victorinox is the brand behind the Original Swiss Army Knife and has been at it since 1884!

Expert Tip: Matt Altman has been in the sports business for nearly 30 years. He agrees that sport-centric gifts are absolutely on-target now, more than ever, since the pandemic reunited so many people with the outdoors. "Men have also taken on more outdoor activities due to the pandemic: hiking, hunting, fishing, camping..."

Price: The Super Tinker Wood Winter Magic Limited Edition 2022 is available at Victorinox for $95.

Social Media Highlight: The brand is known for its knives, and a recent review by Insider indicates that the brand is still a leader in the industry. Add to that its 250,000 Instagram followers, and it seems there's always something for Victorinox to celebrate.

Cashmere is special, and he is too — so go all in this season!

Cashmere isn't just a mega-soft fiber; Business Insider reports that it can also be nearly three times as insulating as wool. Moreover, the fiber comes from cashmere goats in the Himalayas, where temperatures can drop well below zero. Its heavenly soft texture and incomparable warmth make this a worthy splurge! 

Onia's hoodie-style pullover is a luxe upgrade to the athleisure trend, sporting a ribbed hem trim for a more finished look. Worn on its own or paired with a casual blazer, it's a whole vibe.

Price: The 100% Cashmere Hooded Pullover is available at Onia for $195.

Social Media Highlight: Onia garners nearly 875,000 views on Pinterest each month, and the brand's Instagram is equally popular, with over 97,000 followers. Media features include Town & Country, Men's Health, Essence, and Esquire.

Gift for the cyclist? This upcycled tire basket, of course!

He's got the fancy biking gear — the singlet cycling outfits, the specialty cyclist tool kit, all the things. But if you're looking for a way to bring his love of cycling into a decor moment without being too cheesy, here's a rare opportunity. This handmade tote basket is made from recycled tires, so it's sturdy, functional, and a heck of a conversation starter.

It's a planter, catch-all basket, chic way to stash away gaming accessories, or bin for fireplace supplies!

Expert Tip: In preparation for the story, we asked mindful-gifting experts Cary Telander-Fortin and Cara Oppenheimer about some of the recent buying shifts. "One of the biggest holiday gifting trends this season is going to be shopping consciously. We've noticed ... consumers want to shop with small businesses that align with their values." And, in a similar vein as their own efforts, Ten Thousand Villages' top priority is fair-trade goods. We love seeing so many conscious and eco-friendly gifting options for 2022!

Price: The Recycled Tire Utility Tote is available at Ten Thousand Villages for $49.99.

Social Media Highlight: Ten Thousand Villages is one of the OGs of the fair trade movement and the brand uses Instagram to promote its nonprofit efforts. If you're curious about who may have created the gift you're purchasing, there's a good chance you might "meet" them there.

When he's a fan of the show and a Central Perk mug just won't do

For fans of the show "Friends," Matthew Perry's book is a bittersweet release. Of course, fans are always curious about the lives of iconic stars, but this memoir is a harrowing story of a life of addiction, as he also shared in an interview with Diane Sawyer. Even just a snippet of that interview, for example, had over 250,000 YouTube views in just four days. Because the release date was November 1, 2022, this book will likely be a top seller for the holiday season.

Price: The book "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir" is available on Amazon, starting at $20.12.

Social Media Highlight: It will come as no surprise that Matthew Perry has 7.7 million followers on Instagram, where he's shared "Friends" content as well as the inside scoop on his writing must-haves (coffee, not tea!).

The men in your life will swoon over this legendary granola

So, there's this guy Tom — an actual guy in NYC, with a pretty sweet 'stache, by the way — and he's pretty stoked about granola. He's traveled the world searching for the best flavor combination and switches up his offerings each month. But, folks, this isn't any granola. Bon Appétit reported that, at one point, there was a waitlist 17,000 deep, and this Instagram-famous granola is as delish as ever.

Tom's claim to fame is his unique flavor combinations. Depending on the month, he might offer Chai Colada, Smoky Chocolate, or something with a bit of crystallized ginger. The monthly subscription ensures access to the always-rotating flavor, or you can buy individual $20 bags. This year's holiday tin will include Golden Apple Cider, Black and White Matcha, Flaming Chocolate, and the mango goodness of his Mangonada variety.

Expert Tip: "Things that enhance your experience and make life more enjoyable" are among the top gift-giving suggestions from Matt Altman. His work in the world of apparel also keeps him in touch with the broader market trends, and he says that "there's also undoubtedly a trend toward unique foods and beverages." We're not sure about the last time you had bonkers-good granola, but it definitely makes life more enjoyable.

Price: The 4-Granola Holiday Tin is available at Tom's Perfect 10 for $74.99.

Social Media Highlight: Tom's Perfect 10 granola grew its fanbase through Instagram, where you can see the timeline of its growth. It even captures cool moments, like when Tom met famed-chef Eric Ripert, who started selling the granola at his own bakery!

If his holiday hopes are set on a portable Bluetooth speaker, this is the one

Nothing says, "Hey, it's the holidays," quite like bass that vibrates the punch bowl. So, it's very much in the holiday spirit to gift a portable Bluetooth speaker, and this JBL option delivers oodles of oomph. It's got the basics covered; it's compact, portable, and comes with a carry strap, but it's also waterproof. In terms of performance, it works off dual passive radiators to optimize bass and multiple drivers and tweeters to ensure the complexity of the music is delivered at optimum levels.

Amazon customers have rated the speaker 4.7 stars, and some of the 5-star ratings are wildly enthusiastic. One reviewer said, "In a sea of music players, this one stands out above the competition. It's amazing ... the engineers and designers knocked this one out of the park."

Expert Tip: Listen, tech gifts will always be a winner. We agree when Jacqueline Oak, the COO and Co-Founder of men's skincare brand Cardon, says, " Every guy loves a new toy. Gear and gadgets will reign supreme."

Price: The JBL Xtreme 3 portable speaker is available on Amazon for $299.95.

Social Media Highlight: Even Dojacat appreciates the bass boost from a JBL speaker. The audio brand took to Instagram, where it has 625,000 followers, to feature a Dojacat collaboration commercial and plenty of posts from JBL Fest!

Skip the cutesy stocking stuffers; this is the whiskey of his dreams

This one is for the true whiskey aficionado. In 1887, William Grant and his many children began building a distillery, brick by brick. It became one of the finest distilleries in the world, and this Grand Cru is an expression of its devotion to the craft — and the patience that perfection requires. The Glenfiddich Grand Cru has been aged for 23 years in American and European oak casks, and then, at the end of the process, it's finished in rare French Cuvee (sparkling wine) casks.

It's meant to be a sip for celebratory occasions, and even those skeptical of occasion-specific spirits are entirely won over by its complexity. Spirits reviewer Jim Vorel has mentioned in print he doesn't usually buy into marketing. Case in point, this Grand Cru was ushered into the world via an elegant campaign with almost a James Bond-esque sexiness. But in a Paste Magazine review, even Vorel concedes that "the occasion theming is accurate — it seems festive, and I would be thrilled if someone pulled this out as the clock ticked down to the New Year. So there you go."

Price: The Glenfiddich 23-Year-Old Grand Cru Single Malt Scotch Whisky is available at Drizly, starting at $358.39.

Social Media Highlight: In an epic Instagram flex, Glenfiddich has exactly nine images in their feed — a series that creates one seamless visual. And with that, the brand has 172,000 followers. Don't worry; there's tons of fun stuff tucked neatly into the highlights!

People in the know use Leather Honey — from sneakers to classic car interior

The leather conditioner in this set has over 43,000 reviews on Amazon, but why? Well, it's a jack of all trades when it comes to softening and moisturizing leather goods. First, use the leather cleaner, and then the conditioner comes through with its magic. Use this set on everything from furniture, belts, car upholstery, sneakers, dress shoes, jackets — you name it. Plus, it works to waterproof leather as well (we're lookin' at you, winter snow), so it's a great holiday gift.

The set has a 4.7-star rating, and one person summed it up with a simple yet powerful statement: "Magic." Another customer gave a real-life example and mentioned they used it "to get the sunscreen off of [their] high-end leather backpack. Highly recommend."

Expert Tip: "It's great to consider getting something someone will use every day," suggests Cary Wong, the Director of Coffee at Partners Coffee. But this is true "especially if they have an activity or ritual that they enjoy. It'll make all the difference in their routines!" Many of the men on our shopping lists have something special they routinely look after with great care, whether sneakers, an heirloom watch, or their favorite recliner!

Price: The Leather Honey Complete Leather Care Kit is available on Amazon, starting at $33.99

Social Media Highlight: If there's a guy who knows how to restore and preserve things, it's Bob Vila — everyone's favorite craftsman from the show "This Old House." Well, a visit to the Leather Honey Instagram page reveals that the folks at Bob Vila are big fans of this product!

The 'ole indoor outdoor slipper — the ultimate holiday crowd-pleaser!

We probably can't be friends if you don't love indoor-outdoor slippers. We're not saying you should wear them to the movies, but, in theory, yes, it's an option. A proper indoor, outdoor slipper has a hearty sole, so it's up to the task of taking out the garbage or taking the fur baby out from a mid-snowstorm pee. But Sanuk took it a step further with these, and footwear puns aside, they nailed it. Just look at that collapsible heel — the ultimate, effortless way to slide your slips on!

Plus, it's a win in terms of eco-friendly materials. They're "made from natural and high-quality recycled materials like renewable sugarcane EVA Foam, responsibly sourced leather, recycled wool, recycled polyester, Tencel, and RPET."

Price: The Cozy Vibe Low Wool Slipper is available at Sanuk for $90.

Social Media Highlight: Sanuk gets nearly 15,000 views each month on Pinterest. Plus, the brand's never-ending stream of cozy footwear vibes on Instagram has earned them 178,000 followers.

This backpack has more bells and whistles than a holiday parade

Thule has designed this bag for real life — a life that includes equal measures of commuting, travel, and adventure. An appropriate size for airline carry-on yet still a hearty 40L capacity, the Aion Backpack has a little of everything. It has a laptop sleeve, a zip-in yet removable waterproof bag for gym clothes or wet gear, and the frontmost compartment has several organizational compartments.

But in addition to versatility, this bad boy's fabric, lining, and mesh are created from 100% recycled materials, and it's bluesign® certified, which means it prioritizes workers, consumers, and the environment. Plus, people love it. Customers on the brand's website rate at 4.7 stars, and one said, "This is a really fantastic backpack for traveling. It is so comfortable to wear while walking around ... It fits easily in an overhead bin, even while packed full."

Price: The Thule Aion Backpack is available on Amazon for $199.95.

Social Media Highlight: Thule has racked up 40,500,000 views on YouTube over the years! And if you're looking for some lifestyle content that reflects real-life living, check out the brand's Instagram feed, which has 354,000 followers. Plus, one post shows just how versatile this backpack is!