Nick Carter's Touching Tribute To His Baby Brother Aaron Is Heartbreaking

Over the weekend, fans were shocked and deeply saddened to learn that Aaron Carter died at the age of 34. The former singer, best known for his hit "I Want Candy," and the younger brother of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, had opened up previously about challenges with his mental health as well as addiction, according to The New York Times and People.

While his cause of death has not been disclosed at time of writing per The Washington Post, Aaron's older brother is taking to Instagram to share a tribute to the late pop star and tell fans what he feels really caused the terrible tragedy.

Nick first spoke out via a spokesperson when the news of his baby brother's passing hit the news, saying, "Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never ever faded." At that time, he opined, "Addiction and mental illness is the real villain here. I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know."

Now, the Backstreet Boy is elaborating on that statement via social media and let's just say his words cut deep.

Nick Carter expresses deep love for his brother despite their challenges

Nick Carter took to Instagram the day after it was announced that Aaron died to share a deeply-touching reel of images of the two siblings together at various ages. The mega-star also shared a moving post that may be tough for some fans to read.

"My heart is broken," Carter began, before reiterating his statement about having had a "complicated relationship" with Aaron, but still loving his brother. As EW reports, in 2019, the former boy band member even had a restraining order against the younger star.

Still, as Carter noted in his post, he "always held on to the hope that [Aaron] would somehow, someday want to walk a healthy path and eventually find the help that he so desperately needed." He went on to stress that mental illness and addiction were to blame for his brother's tragic death, and heartbreakingly emphasizing he would miss his brother "more than anyone will ever know."

Finally, the star said he hoped Aaron would find the "peace you could never find here on earth," before signing off by writing that he loved his "baby brother."

Thankfully, judging by the comments from famous friends and fans alike, Nick will have the support he needs as he deals with his grief.

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