How To Set Up A Full Moon Ritual

The full moon is a time of culmination, release, and manifestation. You might take this time to reflect on the past month and to ritualize the moon's powerful lunar energy. We've long lived in harmony with the cyclical nature of the moon and its presence can be a point of clarity and grounding (via mindbodygreen). The full moon is said to mark the highest peak of energy throughout any given month (via Farmers Almanac). This is a time to nourish yourself, create, reflect, and celebrate.

The routine of repeating an intentional practice that's in sync with nature can create harmony within the human mind and spirit. The full moon can be thought of as a time to touch base with yourself, build up a spiritual practice, and feel the healing presence of nature. The powerful effects of your ritual are intensified under the light of the full moon, per mindbodygreen.

Ritualize with water

As high and low tides are caused by the moon, incorporating water into your full moon ritual only seems right. Try drawing a bath for yourself complete with candles, flower petals and essences, a good book, or even a journal to write down your intentions for the next lunar cycle.

You may have heard of moon water, but what is it? Moon water is water placed in the power of the moon's light overnight. You can use this super-charged water to drink, clean with, nourish plants, or make into a body spray with essential oils. Try setting an intention or saying a prayer when you place your jar of water in the moonlight. This can be done outside or even in the windowsill (via Farmers Almanac). When charging your moon water, you can also take the opportunity to charge your crystals in the same fashion. The light of the full moon is believed to erase the stagnant energy of the crystals and instill them with fresh energy (via mindbodygreen). You could even place your crystals in your moon water.

Celebrate the full moon with others

The full moon can be a great time for community and intentional connection. A moon group is a gathering of people dedicated to ritualizing the full moon, gaining clarity, and release. To orchestrate a moon group, invite participants to bring something of meaning to place in a joint altar — crystals, feathers, small statues, candles. Have your gathering share reflections from the past month and manifestations for the coming cycle. You could lead your moon group in a guided meditation, like the one suggested by The Art of Living, or in kundalini mantra chanting, per The Dharma Temple. Both are powerful gateways to alter the subconscious into a state of loving awareness.

Another way to gather and celebrate the full moon is by taking an evening nature hike, Advnture suggests. Invite your community to a sacred spot to ground and connect with the outdoors under the light of the full moon. Find a quiet area to meditate and give gratitude for the progress you've made over the last lunar cycle.