How The November 8 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

Ah, the dread of daylight savings ending is upon us yet again, but the sky is giving us a little gift to soften the blow. Lunar events are all special in their own right, but the November 8 full moon has a little extra something going for it as it also happens to coincide with a full lunar eclipse. Known as the Beaver Moon in reference to beavers stocking up and storing food for the long winter ahead, you have some of your own emotional prep to do for winter, per The Old Farmer's Almanac.

This may sound contradictory considering that full moons are all about the opposite of storage — they're about the release, per Yoga Journal. It's a time to let go of things in order to move forward, a way of shedding excess weight that may have been holding you back. But in a way, that type of preparation is also important to prepare to flourish this winter. With a lunar eclipse and a full moon taking place on the same day, you'd simply be amiss to not tap into that energy to sort through some cobwebs in your life and clear the way for bigger and better. Here's what this lunar eclipse full moon is shining a light on for Aquariuses.

Time for some housekeeping

Tread lightly this full moon, Aquarius – those born between January 20 and February 18. Everyone seems to agree that this astrological event is set to impact you greatly. Elite Daily lists you as one of the signs impacted the most by this full moon lunar eclipse, and it's hitting close to home. Landing in your fourth house of home and family, this full moon is all about doing some housekeeping for you. Now, full moons are actually an ideal time to do a deep clean and sort through the clutter at home, so in the literal sense, it would be a good idea for you to clear up your space to help clear your mind. However, that's not the only home life it's affecting. 

Home is where the heart is, that much we know. When it comes to where and whom you consider home, some attention must be paid. This lunar eclipse full moon could be shining a light on your current living situation, perhaps you feel you've outgrown it and it's time for a change — well this is the time to seriously consider taking steps to make that change happen. What it also shines a light on is your family or the people you consider home. Is there something missing? Do you feel like these relationships aren't providing the same comfort and solace as they once did? Use this full moon to unpack your closest relationships and figure out what you need from them (or need them to stop doing) in order to feel safe again, per StyleCaster.

Sort through your feelings this full moon

Your physical house and your family aren't the only home you reside in, Aquarius, your mind houses you as well. With the full moon and lunar eclipse coinciding, emotions are at an all time high. Things are feeling especially intense in the air, and instead of making some huge life-altering decisions, you should use this time to live in your mind for a while and sort through it. Currently, Mercury is in your tenth house of career and Saturn is in your sign, which InStyle explains this means that it's a time to unpack your past and confront emotions that you've left to bubble under the surface.

Think of it as a kind of spring cleaning (but in the fall) for your mind. Use this magical time to step outside under the moonlight and meditate. Allow yourself to dive deep in thought, and don't judge your mind wherever it takes you. You will feel especially in tune with your emotions right now, so it's the best time to explore and understand them fully, per Shondaland. Only by facing your feelings can you begin to heal from them, and what are full moons if not about healing and releasing what no longer serves you? Don't drag old emotions into the next moon cycle with you, it's time for a blank slate and you deserve one.