If You're An Aquarius, This Is How To Boost Your Mood

For those born under the air sign Aquarius, coming up with a self-care routine can be pretty simple. The traits of independence and creativity are heavily associated with an Aquarius, which can come in handy when deciding what activities to do in order to de-stress. Something like spending time alone is easy for an Aquarius. They can even thrive off it — especially when they have a tendency to thrive off unusual hobbies (via Allure).

But if your creativity and imagination are a little too much, it can prevent your mind from actually deciding what's best to add to your self-care routine. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there that can point you in the right direction. A guide can help you understand just what makes you tick as an Aquarius and what hobbies and activities will benefit your mind immensely.

Here are just a few things you can add to your self-care routine to truly shine as an Aquarius, and may calm you down in the process.

Fresh air and creative projects are a must for an Aquarius

According to Soul Shine Astrology, fresh air is a must for any air sign. For the more adventurous, this could constitute as a long hike or a vigorous outdoor sport like football that'll get you moving. For the Aquarius who tends to stay closer to home (or more likely indoors), a short walk around the neighborhood or opening all the curtains and windows around the house to let the breeze flow through are great options. Some outdoor yoga or meditation can be super beneficial for clearing a busy mind as well, rather than sticking to an indoor routine.

As a creative sign, an Aquarius may lean towards projects that'll keep their brain busy. If you're crafty, you may find a love for cross-stitching. Any arts and crafts project can be a stress-free way of letting your creativity run free without overthinking (via The Spruce Crafts). With cross-stitching, the ability to follow a pattern as you wonder where it leads is a great way to keep you captivated and motivated. It'll also keep your mind free of any worries as you're focused on how these little stitches are eventually going to create an amazing piece of art.

Other crafts that provide a similar sense of accomplishment and calm could be painting, pottery, drawing, puzzles, and even gaming.

Share the fun with friends

Along with your body, your mind needs some self-care as well. An Aquarius loves to learn, so adding books, podcasts, and documentaries to your routine may make you feel better. As California Psychics notes, this "desire for knowledge is matched only by their desire to help people," so finding something you're really interested in like mythology, history, science, etc. can help an Aquarius' personal growth immensely. Knowledge is power, after all!

All this self-care doesn't need to be an isolating experience either. However introverted an Aquarius may feel, Girl Boss points out that reaching out and forming a strong bond with one particular person can open up your worldview and be extremely beneficial too. If you're really socially anxious, friendship apps like Bumble BFF are a great place to start. These are especially great since the majority of the world may still be a little apprehensive about venturing outside the house to meet people in public.