Mike Tindall Gives Intimate Glimpse Into His Low-Key First Date With Wife Zara Tindall

Mike Tindall potentially stirred up drama within the royal family when he recently signed up to be a contestant on the hit United Kingdom reality show, "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" (via the Daily Mail). Tindall, who is married to Zara Tindall, the granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II, did not ask permission from King Charles III before taking a contestant spot on the reality show. If he wins, he could snag up to £150,000.

Royal experts seem to be far from pleased with Tindall's choice to appear on the show. Newsweek's Chief Royal Correspondent, Jack Royston, is not happy with the way Tindall has handled himself in the opening episodes of the show (per The Mirror). "We're waiting for Harry's memoir, it's going to come out it's gonna be full of all these bombshells," shared Royston. "And then all of this machinery of royal sources and Palace sources and so on will kick into gear to say he's cashing in on his royal fame and his royal connection."

Tindall's short stint on the show thus far has shown him oversharing about his life with the royal family, which included insights into his first date with Zara.

The former rugby player gushed about his first date with Zara

Mike Tindall has made a splash with his appearance on "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here." For instance, he's taken time to show off his rap skills, or lack-thereof, in front of his fellow contestants (via the Daily Mail). This performance left viewers speechless.

More importantly, Mike opened up about his first date with his wife, Zara Tindall, the granddaughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II. According to People, their first meeting went like this. "I was at the World Cup, she was out watching," the former English rugby player said. "I got dropped from the semi-final. I was pissed off and so I went for a beer with another guy who got dropped and a guy who was over [in Sydney]. They'd met her before and they introduced us and then got chatting."

He continued, "First actual date, just went out for lunch locally. And ended up being quite a boozy one. Then we figured out that we both quite like getting smashed. It was a good start." The show's fellow contestant, Owen Warner, asked, "So if you never got dropped you never would have met her?" To which Tindall replied, "Best decision of Clive Woodward's life [former English rugby coach]."