Get The Look On A Budget: Taylor Swift's Midnights-Approved Romper

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Taylor Swift's 10th album, "Midnights," made Billboard history. Shortly after the album's October 21 release, Swift's claimed all 10 slots on Billboard's Hot 100 top tier — yes, the singer even surpassed The Beatles (via Billboard). Now, she has the most top 10s of any female artist in history and an ever-loyal group of fans called "Swifties."

"Midnights" is a memoir in song form. As Swift told Jimmy Fallon in an October 2022 "Tonight Show" appearance, "it's my first directly autobiographical album in a while because the last album that I put out was a re-record of my album 'Red.'" The A-lister went on to add, "I'm feeling overwhelmed by the fans' love for the record. I'm also feeling very soft and fragile. The two can exist at once" (via Complex).

Besides topping the charts (and hiding dozens of coded messages in her songs), the "Anti-Hero" singer is known for her many aesthetic "eras" from red-lipped "1989" days to the cottagecore styles associated with "Folklore" and "Evermore." In this newest album, Swift has embraced '70s nostalgia and evening glam, welcoming in a new phase entirely. At an afterparty for the 2022 MTV VMAs — at which her short film, "All too Well," won the Video of the Year award — the singer dawned a midnight blue Moschino mini romper, paying homage to her 10th album. Even if you don't have Billboard Hot 100 money and a celebrity stylist, there are ways to recreate Taylor Swift's "Midnights"-approved romper on a budget.

Taylor swift wears a bejeweled mini romper

Wearing a blue mini romper complete with embroidered stars and a sweetheart neckline, the "Lavender Haze" singer stood out at 2022's MTV VMAs afterparty red carpet. Although a typical Moschino dress totals in the thousands, you can replicate Swift's '70s-inspired style for much cheaper. Lulus sells a strapless sparkly mini skort romper for $49 – just a fraction of Taylor Swift-level prices. Best of all, it's decorated with glitter — lots of it. It might not have designer stars, but it will make you shine (or at least leave trail glitter behind you throughout the night). 

Alternatively, Windsor sells a blue velvet mini dress complete with a Moschino-style sweetheart neckline and, most importantly, sparkling fringe that will tie together your "Midnights"-inspired look. Though it's not a romper, it does compare to Swift's look in both length and figure-hugging shape. "I love to communicate through Easter eggs," Taylor Swift told Entertainment Weekly in 2019, long before her "Midnights" era. "I think the best messages are cryptic ones." In the months leading up to her 10th album release, the singer's wardrobe hinted at her upcoming music — this star-studded romper is one such example. 

Taylor Swift layers on a white faux-fur jacket

Over her shoulders, Taylor Swift drapes a fuzzy white faux-fur jacket that adds dimension to her form-hugging romper. So, where can you find a similar accessory? Available at H&M is a fuzzy fur coat retailing for just under $50—– best of all, it has pockets (aka room to keep your many awards). With this jacket layered on top of your glitzy romper, you'll be looking like a red carpet-worthy snowman in no time.

Amazon, too, sells a faux-fur white jacket — it also comes in other colors including dark green and cheetah print. Swift, according to Vogue, might just be entering her '70s-inspired disco phase, a period marked by lots of fur and lots of sparkles — a "Bejeweled" decade, you might say (via Harper's Bazaar). Even the house in Swift's "Anti-Hero" music video is decorated in accordance with '70s flair. The singer does nothing if not commit to an era.

Alexander McQueen sandals complete the look

What better way to complete a look than with glittering sandals — Alexander McQueen platforms, to be exact. Though Taylor Swift's shoes retail for over $1,000 on Lyst, comparable versions are available for much less. Steve Madden makes an almost-identical pair of heels for just under $90 — these shoes have all the glitz and glamor of Alexander McQueen, minus the price tag that could rupture your bank account.

Asos also sells a pair of sparkly-heeled sandals for under $23. Though they're not platformed like Taylor Swift's, they will certainly complete your "Midnights"-approved outfit. If you're looking to put your own spin on the A-lister's afterparty style, find a pair of glittery platform boots or even a gorgeous blue pair decorated with stars from Dolls Kill. Whereas sandals might be perfect for a late August afterparty, boots will help keep your toes insulated throughout the night.