Olivia Plath Unveils A Fiery Hairstyle Transformation

The cast of "Welcome to Plathville," TLC's hit reality show profiling the Plath family, has gone through several changes this year. Kim and Barry Plath, the matriarch and patriarch of the clan, have called it quits, via People. The pair had been married for 24 years before deciding to file for divorce.

The drama didn't end with Kim and Barry's divorce. Kim and her eldest son Ethan's wife, Olivia Plath, have been at odds for many years. While it seems they once were on good terms with one another, something flipped overnight, per Screen Rant. Olivia was once hopeful that her mother-in-law could be a maternal figure to her, having struggled with the relationship with her own mother. However, it hasn't panned out that way.

Ethan and Olivia made the choice to move away from the rest of the Plath family and have since made many changes to their lives. Now, Olivia is showing off that she's made a fiery change to her appearance.

Olivia showed off her new hair color on Instagram

Olivia Plath is no stranger to changing up her appearance during her time on TLC's hit reality show, "Welcome to Plathville." She's had blonde hair and a more neutral red color, via TV Shows Ace. Now, she's upped her game, debuting a new look on Instagram.

Plath took to her Instagram story to show off her new fiery red hair. She captioned the photos of her new do, "I know, I'm still transitioning back to blonde, but I'm not mad about having Jessica rabbit hair for a few promo shoot days ... Can't wait to share more BTS."

At this time, we're unsure if the promo shoot is related to the reality TV show or if she's working on another project. Plath did state that the hair color was in collaboration with Fantastic Sams, a salon chain. She did clarify, however, that her hair is really bright red. Plath said, "No filter, it's that red."