Olivia Plath Reveals The Startling Reason Her Relationship With Kim 'Changed Overnight'

The stars of TLC's hit reality show "Welcome To Plathville" have had their share of relationship struggles across the four seasons it has been on the air. The matriarch of the family, Kim Plath, seems to be at the center of most of the drama. She recently announced that she and her husband, Barry Plath, are separating after 24 years of marriage (via InTouch Weekly). This has become a pivotal storyline during the show's fourth season.

Kim's relationship with her ex isn't the only one that is strained within the family. Her eldest son, Ethan Plath, has had an especially complicated relationship with his mother over the last several years (per Screen Rant). Fans of the show have watched as the explosive relationship between Ethan and Kim has impacted the other members of the family, especially Ethan's wife, Olivia Plath.

Now, as the fourth season comes to a close, things are looking rough for Olivia, who recently shared how her own relationship with Kim has evolved into something negative.

Olivia's relationship with Kim changed overnight

It is no secret that Olivia Plath has a troubled relationship with her mother-in-law, Kim Plath. However, their dynamic wasn't always this complicated. In a new teaser for an upcoming episode of the show, Olivia explained what went on between herself and Kim that led them to where they are now. TLC posted the clip to their Twitter account, and Olivia's admissions are eyebrow-raising.

"I met Kim when I was 16 and she, when I first met her, made me feel important. She kind of took me under her wing and in many ways kind of made me her new best friend. She was calling, emailing me every day. I trusted her more than I did my own mom," Olivia shared.

She continued, "I think what changed is when I started to realize that I was just being used," adding, "It went from like 'I love you so much,' to 'You have the devil in you.' And it just kind of changed overnight. Being wanted by someone doesn't mean they love you, they can want you because you meet their needs, not because they want to meet yours."