The Harry Potter Character You'd Relate To If You're A Gemini

Every sign in the zodiac wheel is unique and special, and that rings especially true for Gemini — whether born in May or June. The air sign is represented by celestial twins as they've been dubbed as the member of the zodiac that often has two sides to their personality, per Allure. Those born under the sign of Gemini (May 21 to June 20), are known for being very smart and curious about many areas of life. They have playful personalities and enjoy learning about and engaging in all of the activities that make them happy. This means that many Geminis might have a large array of hobbies, skills, or even multiple jobs as they can't seem to settle on just one thing when there's a full world of wonder out there for them to explore.

Co-Star astrology notes that many Geminis are very likable and have a lot of charisma, making them perfect for careers in entertainment, politics, or social media. The sign is said to be easily adaptable to new experiences and situations, as well as the member of their family and friend group that keeps the party going, per Prep Scholar. However, Gemini also has a reputation for being a bit impulsive and can oftentimes struggle to make big decisions. Sometimes they can be a bit irresponsible and unreliable, and are the gossips of the zodiac with a love for knowing everyone's dirty little secrets.

In entertainment, there are many characters that possess Gemini qualities, and that rings especially true for the "Harry Potter" franchise.

Geminis might feel a strange connection to Draco Malfoy

Although "Harry Potter" fans know the character of Draco Malfoy as one of the franchise's villains, in reality, the character is often portrayed as a scared child who is misunderstood and finds himself in terrible situations forced upon him by the adults in his life. In the books and films, Draco is Harry's rival and one of the most prominent members of the Slytherin house. Draco's Gemini qualities shine through as he seems desperate to be liked and can adapt to whatever group he's thrust into in order to please those around him and make them believe he's a leader. He's very social and knows how to keep his circle tight, per Screen Rant.

Draco is also portrayed as a nosy gossiper, who likes to find out things about Harry and his friends and then spread them around Hogwarts in hopes of embarrassing his enemies and making himself look better in the process (via Pinkvilla). Seemingly wearing two different masks, Draco struggles with the person his family wants him to be, and what he believes his own values are throughout the series, making him a classic Gemini, per Buzzfeed.

Meanwhile, Draco isn't the only "Harry Potter" character with Gemini zodiac traits.

Many Weasley family members also have Gemini energy

According to The New York Post, another "Harry Potter" character that may resonate with Geminis is that of Ron Weasley. Ron is Harry's best friend, and never really cared much about the fact that he was famous throughout the wizarding world. Although at times he did appear to be jealous of Harry's reputation, Ron showed off his Gemini energy whenever he spoke out about situations he found to be less than ideal, making him great at communication, which is a classic Gemini trait. Ron also proved himself to be full of courage and humor, and had a knack for finding trouble — just like many of those born under the sign of Gemini.

Meanwhile, Ron's older brothers Fred and George Weasley also have plenty of Gemini energy. The pair are twins to begin with, linking them to the zodiac sign right off the bat, per Game Rant. They are also the pranksters of the franchise, often getting into trouble for playing jokes and causing mischief. They have snooped around Hogwarts and know all of the secrets the castle holds, as well as many secrets about the teachers and students at the school as well.

It seems that there are plenty of characters for Gemini "Harry Potter" fans to connect with while reading the books or watching the movies. So settle in for a "Harry Potter" marathon and pay attention to those characters who may share similar traits with you.