May Gemini Vs. June Gemini: What's The Difference?

It's almost June, which means Gemini season is truly upon us. One of the most controversial star signs, Geminis have a bad reputation for being two-faced and flaky. It's obvious that the Gemini sign was split into two for a reason — the celestial twins are represented side-by-side in every iteration (via Elle). However, rather than symbolizing Geminis being two-faced, the twin zodiac sign could represent how May and June Geminis are split. After all, Gemini is the only sign with more than one person or symbol represented, making it likely that this could be the case. 

Unlike other air signs, Geminis have a freer approach to life. This can make them great friends and partners, but it doesn't make them the best choice if you want to relax after a long day. They are an enigmatic sign, often confusing other zodiacs who resent them for their allegedly non-committal views on anything in life. 

So, what exactly is the difference between May and June Geminis?

May Geminis want to explore everything the world offers

If your birthday falls between May 21 and May 31, you're in good company. Some famous Gemini celebs born in May include pop star Mel B of Spice Girls fame, singer Idina Menzel, and actress Laverne Cox (via Insider). 

According to Bustle, May Geminis tend to have more of the traditional traits we associate with Geminis. These traits include being ultra-social, witty, and wanting to know everything and everyone. The life of the party, Geminis are great communicators and are often fearless. They are additionally flexible and can multi-task well, making them solid choices for big projects. On the flip side, Geminis can be thoughtless and more focused on an act or display rather than the meaning behind the act itself (via Allure). These traits are more obvious in May Geminis due to Mercury ruling over the majority of the May Gemini season rather than just some of June (via Refinery29). 

While they may be the favorite friend to try that new sushi place with or sign up for an impromptu workout class, May Geminis are also the first ones to back out when they don't like how things are heading (via InStyle).

June Geminis are more focused on what they have now

If you're a June Gemini, you have actress Angelina Jolie, tennis star Venus Williams, and the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, on your team (via Insider). You differ from May Geminis in that you are no less social but prefer to focus on your current friendships and partnerships alongside making new ones (via Bustle). June Geminis are also highly creative, and treasure viewing art in all forms. This is due to the intervention of either Venus or Uranus in their chart — both artistic and impulsive influences. Unlike their slightly more free-flowing May counterparts, Geminis born in June have a strong sense of justice and aren't afraid to state their feelings. 

As for negative traits, June Geminis can be overly sensitive and become frustrated when they don't have access to what they want to achieve. Despite this, you can guarantee a June Gemini will always be there to talk things out with you, no matter the topic (via Cosmopolitan).

Both sides of the Gemini sign do have some things in common, including hating conflict. In fact, if drama does arise, your Gemini friend will be gone faster than you can think about how to resolve it (via PureWow). To summarize — Geminis are usually the coolest soul at the bar, but also hate any sort of conflict and can be exasperatingly vague. You'll never be bored around a Gemini, whether they're one born in May or June.