Fans Of The Crown Aren't Sure What To Make Of Dominic West's Portrayal Of King Charles

Season 5 of "The Crown" dropped this week, and fans flocked to Netflix to watch the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, as well as Prince Charles (now King Charles, in real life), and Princess Diana, play out. Recently, Dominic West — who plays Charles in Season 5 of the series — revealed his thoughts on the character, per TV Insider. "Charles is sort of at the prime of his life, but at the depths of his tragedy ... So he's very low in spirits, but he's very galvanized and dynamic in terms of what he wants to do with his life," the actor revealed.

After being cast as Charles, West opened up about playing the real-life prince turned king. The actor admitted that he's a fan of Charles and that he didn't want to do anything that might upset the royal. However, he couldn't pass up the chance to portray Charles on the wildly popular series. "That's what you live for as an actor," West told Variety (via Yahoo). "Great parts with great writing and on a great show."

Now that the brand new season of "The Crown" is streaming on Netflix, fans have had the chance to see West's portrayal as Charles, and they have a lot of opinions.

The Crown viewers didn't hold back their opinions

According to The Mirror, fans flocked to social media to share their thoughts about Season 5 of "The Crown," after it began streaming on Netflix. Many of those fans had strong opinions about actor Dominic West's casting as Prince Charles in the series and weren't shy about sharing their opinions — including that West was far too handsome to play the royal.

"Just saw the first episode, I prefer the previous cast. Although Dominic West is charming and handsome, but not convincing as Charles," one viewer tweeted. "Prince Charles looks nothing like the real one," another chimed in, while one user also stated, "I'm supposed to believe him as Prince Charles?" However, not all fans were critical of West's casting in "The Crown." Some enjoyed his presence quite a bit. "The Crown Season 5 and then you see Dominic West as Prince Charles. What a perfect casting," one fan commented.

Meanwhile, West's on-screen counterpart, Elizabeth Debicki — who played the role of the iconic Princess Diana — gained high praise from fans for her depiction of the late Princess of Wales (via Cosmopolitan). The actress's portrayal of Diana had fans going crazy on social media with tons of support and compliments for the delicate role.