These Are The YouTube Channels You Should Follow If You're Into Home Decorating

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You get home from work and put your feet up on your favorite navy blue couch and pick up a book from a side table you purchased just last weekend from a store you'd always admired. The cream curtains framing your living room windows make you feel comforted, and the side table makes you smile. 

Our homes offer us a lot more than we realise — a sanctuary, a space to be our real selves, and a haven in which we can make lasting memories with the people we love. They also have an impact on our state of mind, moods, and productivity, according to Mondoro. With the pandemic, our living spaces changed to include work nooks that lived in quiet balance with the rest of our homes. Spending time decorating your home — whether it's with the color of your walls, lighting, furniture, or layout — is an investment into your identity, per The Turquoise Home

In her book "The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well," author Deborah Needleman explains, "The point of decorating, as far as I can tell, is to create the background for the best life you can have" (via Fresh Scents). If this describes you, and the thought of decorating your home thrills you, you're going to want to make sure you're following these YouTube channels for design inspiration.

For a touch of modern to transform the traditional, follow Studio McGee

With a desire to make aspirational home decorating projects more accessible to people, husband and wife duo Syd and Shea McGee have garnered a lot of followers for their YouTube channel Studio McGee since they launched in 2014. By sharing inspiration from their own home makeovers, featuring home tours, and offering glimpses into how they blend modern elements into their more traditional projects as a design studio, the McGees have found a way to become memorable in the interior decorating space of YouTube, per Nook And Find.

The channel was born because of the great response Shea got when she documented the remodel of their own home on instagram, per Studio McGee. Now, they even have their own Netflix show titled "Dream Home Makeover."

Embrace your do-it-yourself attitude with The Sorry Girls

What started off as a way to show viewers how to put together budget-friendly Halloween costumes has now grown into a DIY home decoration YouTube channel that's super accessible and quirky (via Perry Homes). Run by lifestyle content creators Kelsey, Becky, and Rachael, The Sorry Girls is all about empowering people to transform their own spaces. There is a sense of rawness to their content which is engaging and charming. The creators also spend time teaching viewers the rudimentary know-how of home decoration before moving on to complex makeovers, per The Spruce. If you'd like to find out about a practical home decor trend that will improve your kitchen, this YouTube channel just might be of help. 

For a stylish remodel of your home, check out Kinwoven-Robeson Design

If you're looking for home decoration inspiration that exudes style and all things beautiful, you'll find all that and more with designer Rebecca Robeson and her YouTube channel Kinwoven-Robeson Design. From DIY projects and tips on decorating small spaces to transforming your spaces to fit themes of your liking, this channel has it all. Are you going through a creative block induced by a project in your home that seems insurmountable? Robeson's channel might propel you to see things differently and find creative energy to tackle the hard decisions, per Perry Homes. Plus, the channel has been around for more than a decade, which is pretty much an assurance that there's something of value to pick up there for anyone, according to Hedge Apple

Find out clever ways to transform your space without breaking the bank with Alexandra Gater

The soaring cost of goods and services is a definite downer when it comes to most aspects of our lives, and home improvement isn't immune to this (via Family Handyman). There's nothing worse than deciding to spruce up your living space only to find that you can't really afford any of it. With Alexandra Gater's inviting and thoughtful approach to home decor, you are guaranteed to work around this problem. Her YouTube channel is a breath of fresh air because it makes all types of home-owners, particularly those renting spaces, feel like they can create beautiful spaces with what they have. 

Who said you have to go out and buy expensive things to bring life to your living space? Definitely not this Toronto-based content creator. Whether it's a DIY small rental kitchen makeover you're looking for or a studio apartment makeover for under $500, Gater has got you covered. 

Never Too Small is a great YouTube channel for quick inspiration and conscious living

With most of their videos spanning seven minutes in length, the clean and crisp nature of content sourced by home decoration YouTube channel Never Too Small leaves you feeling whimsical. The idea behind the videos and the "purposely still" filming technique, according to creative director Colin Chee, is to allow the viewers enough time to take in the inventive spaces they showcase, per The Wall Street Journal. No space is too small to reinvent — whether they're micro apartments, studio lofts, tiny homes, or small treehouses — and the channel showcases this is an elegant and inspiring way. It also celebrates living sustainably and consciously in a world that's quickly becoming overpopulated (via Never Too Small). 

If you're looking to binge-watch some incredible tiny house remodels or just looking for ways to turn your small space into a beautiful home, Never Too Small is a great channel to follow.