Reasons You'll Always Feel Better If You Go Clothing Shopping With A Friend

While the thought of going clothing shopping by yourself sounds like a nightmare to some (hi, extroverts), others enjoy the personal time they get when browsing shops alone. According to The Guardian, in order to enjoy shopping with a friend, your shopping buddy must be "jolly, amenable, selfless, and brutally honest."

You want to clothing shop with someone you enjoy hanging out with, who goes with the flow, who won't mind waiting for you as you try on your tenth pair of jeans, and who will tell you when the outfit just looks plain horrible. And for some, finding a friend who has all those qualities is a task in itself.

However, there are significant benefits to clothing shopping with a friend that are bound to outweigh the negatives, even if they don't possess all those "must-have" qualities. Whether you need the extra push to be social with your friends on your next trip to the mall, or you can't even imagine going shopping alone, here are the reasons you'll always feel better if you go clothing shopping with a friend.

You're texting your friend a pic of the outfit you want to buy anyway, right?

Let's be honest, how many times have you snapped a mirror selfie in the dressing room and sent it to your bestie for advice? Exactly. Especially if you aren't entirely sold on a garment's fit, you may ask your friends for advice before purchasing.

In fact, according to a survey by e-commerce company SyncSpider, 81% of shoppers trust their friends' and family members' advice over retail workers when purchasing an item. How so? Because they trust the genuine opinions of their friends, over someone who's most likely making money off the purchase. Friends have nothing at stake when you swipe your debit card. So, when you take a friend shopping, you can rely on them for true help selecting a new outfit.

Some may think more money is spent when shopping with friends, but that's not true — at least not according to a recent survey of 1,500 Americans by Inuit Mint. When asked how much money they spend when shopping alone, 33% of female shoppers admitted to overspending. This can likely be attributed to the fact that your friend may stop you from making purchasing mistakes rather than letting you impulse-buy the outfit you probably will never wear.

Shopping with a friend takes retail therapy to the next level

Retail shopping has genuine positive effects on the emotional state of some people. A study shared by Journal of Consumer Psychology found that shopping does something interesting to your mental health, and can "reduce residual sadness" in individuals who shop when they feel sad. Know what also reduces sadness? Being with friends. According to the Mayo Clinic, "good friends are good for your health," as their existence can provide a "boost of happiness" and improve your outlook on yourself and the world.

So, while you're out and about getting your retail therapy fix to reduce your stress levels, having a friend to chat with while discussing life's recent woes may just be the therapy you need. Granted, spending money, and talking to your bestie may not be the final answer if you need professional help. Still, it can definitely be a step in the right direction to put a much-needed pep in your step (while wearing a cute new outfit, of course).