Why Soap Vet Steve Burton Will Be Joining Days Of Our Lives Once Again

Throughout his extensive career, actor Steve Burton has appeared on TV shows like "Who's the Boss?" and "Out of This World," as well as in films such as "The Last Castle" and "Cyber Tracker." Dipping his toe into the soap opera world, by playing Harris Michaels on "Days of Our Lives," in 1988, Burton had no idea he would someday be a huge soap star. 

Taking on the role of Jason Quartermaine on "General Hospital" a couple of years later moved him further along the path of stardom, especially when the character suffered brain damage from an accident, and Quartermaine became Jason Morgan. Burton left "GH" to play Dylan McAvoy on "The Young and the Restless," only to reprise his role in 2017. 

However, when the actor refused to comply with the show's COVID-19 vaccine mandate, he was fired, as Variety reported at the time. Recently, Burton reprised his role as Harris on the digital spin-off mini-series "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem," per Michael Fairman TV. "Beyond Salem" has ended, but Burton has another surprise in store for his "DOOL" fans. 

Steve Burton finally returns to the mothership show

People confirms that "Days of Our Lives" star Steve Burton will once again reprise his role as Harris Michaels, this time on the mothership show on Peacock, promising thrilling stories, romance, and adventure aplenty. Burton had previously played Harris more than 30 years ago, before returning to the show in July to portray the character again on the soap's hit spin-off series, "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem."

Burton spoke with Soap Opera Digest about initially returning to the character. He explained that after leaving "General Hospital" he wasn't actively auditioning for new roles, instead choosing to enjoy his downtime, but was contacted by "DOOL" co-executive producer Albert Alarr about reprising the role. Intrigued by the fact that it would be a streaming series and would likewise only be five episodes, Burton agreed. 

He especially liked the concept of revisiting the character that gave him his start in the soap opera world. Because he wasn't on "DOOL" long enough to truly establish Harris the first time around, Burton approached the part with a fresh take. When questioned about why he was asked in the first place, Burton quipped, "'Steve's out of work, wonder what he's doing! Wasn't he on DAYS and isn't he not working? Great! Give him a call!'"