Areas Of Your Body Where You Shouldn't Use Nair

What's worse than ingrown hairs? Probably the pain of waxing. Getting rid of unwanted body hair isn't easy, and the mantra that "beauty is pain" probably repeats in your head as you undergo expensive laser hair removal.

Nair is a saving grace. Despite the funky smell, just a layer of this hair removal cream gets the job done pain-free. We all know a movie scene where someone's shampoo is swapped out for Nair and disaster ensues. As funny as that might be, there are a few things you should know about hair removal cream.

Maybe you're tempted to use it anywhere and everywhere hair grows. Unfortunately, not all body parts are created equal. Nair is a strong product. Per Healthline, its chemicals weaken hair bonds so they can break and be easily wiped away. Although safe to use on the skin, Nair can be too strong for certain areas.

Before your next hair removal session, make sure you're not using Nair on these parts of your body.

You shouldn't use Nair on these areas

Nair is for external use only, so those little hairs poking out of your nostrils should not be removed with Nair. Healthline warns that the skin in and around your nose is very sensitive. The same applies to your eyes, so don't use Nair on eyelashes and eyebrows. You can remove other hairs on your face with Nair, however, the brand has a specific cream meant for facial use.

Gentlemen, you might want to find another way to remove pubic hairs. But, according to Style Recap, Nair has the potential to cause burning and soreness in your genitals. The chemicals in Nair are around four pH levels higher than what our bodies can handle, and it's even more irritating to delicate pubic skin.

Ladies might be in better luck. Despite the sensitivity warning, MedicineNet affirms it is safe to use Nair in your pubic area. There are a few extra precautions to take, though. It's recommended to patch test on your sensitive skin before using Nair on your entire nether region. 

Coating your vulva in petroleum jelly might be an unusual use for vaseline. But doing so before applying Nair can prevent the removal cream from going inside your vaginal canal and wreaking havoc. Nair has specific creams for specific parts of the body, so pay attention to which products you're using and where.

Consider these Nair alternatives

Since hair removal cream is a big no-no for nose hair, how do we remove those pesky nostril strands? Medical News Today suggests two safe methods: trimming and laser hair removal. However, you may want to think twice about laser hair removal. It can be painful, time-consuming, and expensive, yet it offers long-lasting results. Trimmers are less expensive, with electrical and mechanical options, but you'll need to use them more often.

Either way, don't get too scissor-happy. Nose hairs do serve a purpose. Medical News Today reminds us that these hairs protect our nasal airways from allergens and prevent inhaled air from drying out.

What if you don't feel comfortable applying Nair to pubic areas? Healthline recommends careful trimming and meticulous shaving. Methods like waxing, laser hair removal, and plucking can be too harsh and irritate the skin. If you choose to shave, remember to apply shaving cream or gel first. Dry shaving can lead to razor burn and nicks. Don't apply too much pressure; using short, gentle strokes of the razor will result in the best outcome.

Beauty might be painful, but don't let it be irritating, too.