Unusual Everyday Uses For Vaseline

Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, has been around since the 19th century when chemist Robert Chesebrough discovered that it can heal the skin and improve its appearance, per Unilever USA. The product became so popular that by 1875, Americans were buying it at the rate of a jar a minute! Fast forward to today, and consumers continue to widely use Vaseline for skincare purposes. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends it as a natural remedy for wounds, chafing, dry skin, diaper rash, and brittle nails. However, researchers advise against applying it on acne-prone skin because it can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

As WebMD explains, the mineral oil in Vaseline helps retain skin moisture and promote healing. Additionally, its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties may temporarily help relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. You can also apply it between your legs to prevent chafing when walking, running, or working out. WebMD suggests using Vaseline to ease possible discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, and the simple home remedy is also safe to use on pets, too. All in all, petroleum jelly is incredibly versatile and can replace dozens of products in your beauty kit, from body lotions and moisturizers to lip balms. Not only that, but the product has plenty of unusual everyday uses that you might not know about.

Vaseline has some surprising uses

Petroleum jelly does far more than just hydrate your skin. Case in point: It can help tame hair and seal split ends, per Byrdie. And by spreading a small amount of Vaseline along your hairline, you can prevent stains from hair dye. The versatile product can also be applied to soothe sore feet, soften cracked heels, and relieve sunburns, according to Vaseline. In fact, it's a great multi-tasker when it comes to beauty needs, as PureWow notes that Vaseline can double as makeup remover, highlighter, or lip gloss. You can even use it to help your perfume stash go further! According to PureWow, apply it to your wrist or neck before dabbing on your favorite scent, and you'll smell great for longer.

Beyond beauty needs, Vaseline can be helpful around the house, as Family Handyman points out. For example, you can use it to remove chewing gum from your coffee table, clean watermarks from wood, and stop ants from getting into your pet's food bowl. You can also apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your razor to prevent rusting and increase its lifespan. And if your shoes are worn out, try rubbing them with Vaseline to restore shine and remove scuff marks, via Byrdie. The best part? Vaseline contains none of the chemicals found in leather polish, insect repellants, or stain removers. Just ensure it doesn't get into your mouth or eyes — and to stay on the safe side, do a patch test before applying it to your skin.