Kim Cattrall Does Her Little Black Dress Justice With Latest Red Carpet Appearance

Kim Cattrall has been an icon of stage and screen for over 50 years, per Glamour. The actress received five Emmy nominations, four Golden Globes nods, and a 2002 win for her role as Samantha Jones on "Sex and the City," and Cattrall has stayed on her A-game ever since. She's recently become the queen of reboots, playing Hilary Duff's character's future self on "How I Met Your Father" and appearing regularly on Peacock's "Queer As Folk," per IMDb. However, fans were saddened to find her absent from an unexpected project: HBO's "Sex and the City" reboot series, "And Just Like That..." 

Per a 2017 tweet, Kim Cattrall turned down a third movie for the franchise in 2016. Not only that, but the actress only found out about the 2021 reboot online with the rest of the world, according to her interview with Variety. Since her character is present via text messages in the first season, the outlet asked if she would ever rejoin the 'SATC" cast. But, Cattrall stuck to her guns. "That's a no," she said. "It's powerful to say no."

Though the actress won't be returning for the reboot, she remains grateful for Samantha Jones. "I played her, and I loved her," she told Variety. "I felt ultimately protective of her." She made this clear with both her speech and outfit choice for Glamour's Women of the Year Awards, where she was honored with the Screen Icon award. 

Her look was giving Samantha Jones

At 65, Kim Cattrall pulled off a look straight out of Samantha Jones' closet on "Sex and the City" for Glamour's Women of the Year event — an adorable little black dress, showing plenty of skin with eye-catching reflective accents. 

All but confirming the night's homage to her role as Samantha, Cattrall's acceptance speech for the Screen Icon award also referenced one of her character's iconic lines from the second "Sex and the City" movie. She told the audience, "I have been an actor, working in film, television and theatre for over 50 friggin' years," per Glamour. "I started as a young ingenue, now I'm the senior actor on the set... But I can still rock this dress." 

This is a callback to the moment in "Sex and the City 2" when a saleswoman told Samantha the dress she chose for her beau's film premiere was too young for her. Samantha proudly replied, "I'm fifty-f***ing-two, and I will rock this dress," (via MTV). As it turned out, she and teen singer Miley Cyrus wore the same dress — but the women posed together in badass solidarity.

In her speech, Cattrall also nailed exactly why Samantha Jones — and her other standout roles — have been so important. "If people find empowerment in any character that I have helped to create, then my job has been successful." By the measure of her cultural impact on the sex positivity movement and feminist discourse in the 2000s, Cattrall's success speaks for itself.