Here's Why Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Are Jittery About Jinger's New Book

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are well-versed in the Bible, but they might do well to re-read the passage from Colossians that says, "Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged." Famous for their shows "19 Kids & Counting" and "Counting On," the couple is said to be anxious over the revelations their daughter Jinger Duggar Vuolo is about to make in her explosive new book, "Becoming Free Indeed."

In her promotion for the memoir, Jinger explains that she was raised according to the dictates of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a controversial faith group. The IBLP has been described as cult-like and misogynistic, mandating that women dress modestly, submit to male authority, and devote their lives to home and family (via Chicago Magazine). Children in the IBLP are homeschooled, kept away from pop culture, and commanded to obey their parents without question. Spanking is not only permissible, but encouraged. Jinger's book will reportedly discuss the IBLP's harsh rules and the way the group instills fear by threatening God's wrath on anyone who rebels against them. This reportedly has her parents worried that they'll be portrayed as bad guys.

"Jim Bob and Michelle aren't thrilled by Jinger's book coming out, but they are hoping for the best," a source told In Touch Weekly. "They're not sure of all the topics she'll cover, but they have prayed about it and hope that it's honest, respectful and doesn't dredge up too much of their family troubles."

Could Jinger Vuolo be spilling all the Duggar tea?

Although Jinger Duggar Vuolo's new memoir appears to be focusing on the "unhealthy ideology of her youth" (per Thomas Nelson Publishers), there's speculation that she might also be dishing dirt on her family's private life. The unnamed source tells In Touch Weekly that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are worried that the book might discuss older brother Josh Duggar, who is serving time in prison for horrific crimes that are decidedly un-Christian. "The last thing they want is to bring more unwanted, negative attention and scrutiny to their family," says the source.

Jinger says her book tells "stories that nobody saw while the TV cameras were rolling," which might bring down the Duggars' idealized image. Several insiders have told Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball YouTube channel that the Duggars once lived in a messy home far too small for such a large clan, and at one point even had another family living with them. Michelle reportedly was disabled with severe back pain related to her multiple pregnancies, and relied on Jinger and her other daughters to run the house and raise their younger siblings. Might Jinger's book reveal her feelings about taking on so much responsibility?

The In Touch insider says that the Duggars still love their daughter, despite their misgivings about her book. "Jim Bob and Michelle are bracing themselves and just praying that while Jinger was writing the book she stayed true to their family's core values."