Patti Murin Plays A Pop Star In In Merry Measure, But Can She Really Sing?

Hallmark is officially in the holiday spirit as they continue airing new films for the 2022 season — a time when many fans curl up with some popcorn, hot chocolate, and tune in to watch sappy romcoms, which is something that is actually beneficial for your mental health. The channel's newest addition to the holiday lineup is "In Merry Measure."  According to Hallmark, the movie follows the story of pop star Darcy as she goes back to her hometown during the holidays. She ends up joining forces with her old high school rival to coach the choir. 

You might wonder who portrays Darcy in the film — none other than "Chicago Med" and "Royal Pains" actress Patti Murin. But "In Merry Measure" isn't the first Hallmark movie that Murin has starred in. Fans will also recognize her from "Holiday for Heroes," "Love on Iceland," and "To Catch a Spy," (via IMDb). The actress plays a singer in her most recent starring role, however, can she actually sing in real life? 

She has a Broadway background

"In Merry Measure" allowed Patti Murin to showcase her singing talents but the star has a background in musical theater. She's graced Broadway stages with roles in "Xanadu," "Lysistrata Jones," and even originated the role of Anna in "Frozen," according to Playbill. Murin won awards for her roles in the latter two shows, recognizing her talents with Outstanding Actress in a Musical and Distinguished Performance for her portrayal of Anna and Outstanding Female Dancer in a Broadway Show as Lysistrata Jones. 

The big Broadway stage obviously isn't the first time the songstress landed a theater role. As Broadway Teaching Group noted, Murin graduated from Syracuse University where she went on to begin working in regional theater. After doing regional theater for some time, she made her off-Broadway debut, and then went on the national tour with "Beauty and the Beast." Suffice it to say, Murin can definitely sing. 

Murin was the star of the show in In Merry Measure

*Warning, spoilers ahead*

As Darcy returns to Dayton, Ohio for the holidays, she learns her niece was cut for the choir group she was part of in high school by none other than her own rival from back in the day — who just so happens to be the choir director. Inspired to reignite their rivalry and show Adam that he made the wrong decision by not welcoming her niece and three other kids into The Herald Angels, Darcy decides to start her own group. And what happens next comes as a bit of a surprise to the singer who is no longer at the top of her game.

After having a successful career in her early 20s, Darcy is fighting to get resigned by a record label, but what she finds back home in Dayton is more than she could have ever wanted. Cue the corniness, this is a Hallmark Christmas film, after all.