How To Recreate Selena Gomez's Looks From Only Murders In The Building

If you've seen Hulu's "Only Murders in the Building", chances are you love it. What's not to love with this cast? By "this cast", we mean Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and Selena Gomez's wardrobe. Yes –– Selena's "Only Murders in the Building" character, Mabel Mora, sports one of the most iconic wardrobes we've seen on television in recent years. Plus, Mabel's outfits aren't the same as the TV wardrobes of fashionista characters with unrealistic connections and even more unrealistic budgets  — a la the Serena Van Der Woodsens and Carrie Bradshaws of yore. Mabel's style is vaguely vintage-inspired, classically chic, and amazingly accessible all at once. She looks cool and fashion-forward without wearing things that are way too fashionable for most of us to actually comfortably leave the house in (we're looking at you, "Sex and the City" theme song tutu). With a reputation like that, how could we not try to make some of Mabel's looks our own?

We love pretty much every outfit Mabel shows up in on this show, and we've selected some of our favorites that are not only amazing but are also surprisingly easy and inexpensive to recreate. These looks will take you from fall into winter in style, and hey –– if you happen to need to solve any crimes in the meantime, you'll be dressed for the part. 

Graphic miniskirt

Mabel Mora has mastered the timeless mini skirt and black tights combination and can achieve it perfectly in any iteration of this classically cute 'fit. Mabel also isn't afraid of color. "Only Murders in the Building" costume designer, Dana Covarrubias, told Elle, "Her whole concept was basically that her costumes were a type of armor. So she's using these really bright colors in the same way as an animal with a brightly colored coat: 'Beware. Danger. Leave me alone. Back off.'" This yellow sweater paired with a fun, printed skirt is the perfect way to do color — even for those of us who aren't using our outfits as armor. 

While the colors are a bit different, we think this mini skirt from Cider captures this skirt's unique vibe. The key to making this look work is that the solid-color sweater is fitted. To get this effect, we'd save the old tucking-your-sweater-into-your-bra hack for another day. Instead, we love this fitted turtleneck from Verishop. With her sleek bun, Mabel is sporting some gold hoop earrings, which tend to be her accessory of choice in varying sizes for different outfits. Luckily, the jewelry gods have smiled on those of us looking to steal Mabel's wardrobe, and there is actually a pack of 36 pairs of different sizes and styles of gold hoop earrings on Amazon for less than $20. You're welcome. Finally, snag some opaque black tights like this pair from Amazon, and you're ready to go solve some mysteries. 

Effortlessly cute loungewear

Who among us doesn't want something that fits into the "effortlessly cute loungewear" category?  No one wants to wear real pants while hanging out on the couch, and many of us are in search of work from home 'fits that feel like PJs while still inspiring more productivity than our robe and bunny slippers. This look totally caught our eye, because it's the perfect mix of comfy while still being cute. Plus, you probably already wear some pieces that will work perfectly for this recreation on the reg. 

Chances are you've already got a favorite pair of sweatpants in your dresser that will work seamlessly with this after work outfit. Otherwise, we recommend these ones that look like Mabel's and are under $30 at Kohl's. This The Drop back eyelash tank is the perfect dupe for Mabel's. Top the look off with this super cozy cardigan from Target, and don't be afraid to size up if you want to feel like you're walking around in a blanket, but seriously –– who wouldn't want to feel like that? We also recommend trying to achieve the world's most perfect voluminous top knot like Mabel does, but without Selena Gomez's hair and makeup team, we can't make any promises.

All-black ensemble

There's no outfit coordination tool better than all black. In this scene, Mabel shed her "armor" of color and went with a classic, monochrome look. Still, Mabel Mora has a way of elevating her outfits just a little bit extra, and this is a prime example of that. While this look is mainly black, it plays with textures in a way that adds interest that we absolutely love. 

Snag this MAXSTUDIO faux leather miniskirt on super sale at Nordstrom Rack. Pair it with this A New Day pullover sweater from Target and add some black tights. This time, Mabel went slightly sheerer than her entirely opaque tights from her more colorful outfit which helps to add a bit of depth to her all-black ensemble. We recommend this Hanes pair on Amazon for that happy medium between sheer and opaque. One unusual detail that really works to give this outfit some of its extra interest is the fact that she opted for tan boots instead of the expected black. Our pick is this pair of MIA Chelsea boots. They have the same height and rounded toe as Mabel's footwear while also having the black soles and accents that tie the whole look together. 

Checkerboard chic

Once again, in this scene, Mabel Mora took a classic silhouette and made it feel fresh and updated. She paired some black pants with a bold, graphic cardigan with a pop of color and subtle accessories. The outcome is easy, breezy, and uniquely cool.

We like this checkerboard cardigan from Garage because it mimics the shape and print of Mabel's. Either button it like she did and throw this adorable green jelly bag over your shoulder for that pop of green or leave it unbuttoned over this Artfish tank top from Amazon. We're pairing it with these parachute pants from Cider. They have the cargo-y feel of Mabel's while also having a drawstring waistband — because, let's be real, who doesn't love stretchy pants that are both comfortable and cute? Finish off the look with these chunky gold hoop earrings from Amazon and an effortlessly wavy hairstyle.

Next level neutrals

We took note of Mabel's outfit in this scene because of the way she's playing with neutrals. Instead of going for all-black, she pairs her black top and tights with a khaki skirt that makes us want to strut down the sidewalk and watch the leaves fall with a PSL in hand in this exact ensemble. 

Once again, the fitted nature of Mabel's top is part of what makes this outfit so cute and makes the silhouette work. Go for this Banana Republic pick — it falls somewhere between a stretchy top and a sweater to give you a fitted look while also being perfect for autumn's ever-unpredictable temperatures. Tuck it into this Hollister skirt that has the same shape, color, and circular silver buckle as Mabel's. This skirt will be a forever autumn/winter staple in your wardrobe. We recommend pairing it with your opaque black tights and these block heel booties from Amazon for a classic look.

Warm, cozy, and sophisticated

In this scene, Mabel looks like the mix of classic and glam that we all want to look like on winter's coldest days. This outfit's base is easy for pretty much anyone to duplicate. Any simple, all-black outfit will work. This J. Crew sweater has an extra tall turtleneck like Mabel's for added warmth. 

There are a lot of teddy coats out there, but we love this pick from Old Navy. It's a bit oversized while still being structured and utterly cozy. It also comes in lots of sizes that include petite and tall options as well as buttons so you can close it up on cold days: you'd be surprised how many teddy coats have no closures, at all. This coat is neutral and likely to become a go-to to throw on top of many outfits this winter. To replicate Mabel's exact look in this scene, though, throw the coat on top of your all black ensemble and pair it with some big gold hoop earrings like these ones from Amazon.

That iconic intro outfit

Last but certainly not least is Mabel Mora's most iconic outfit to date. She sported this in the series pilot, and it was actually the outfit she was wearing when we were first introduced to her character (via Cosmopolitan). This look is all about color and eclectic, bold choices that somehow totally work when paired together. 

This America & Beyond faux fur bomber jacket is our pick because it mimics the unique shape and color of the jacket that's the focal point of Mabel's outfit. Pair it with these cropped trousers from Target and this bold yellow And Other Stories pullover sweater. Of course, this outfit is nothing without its accessories. You can grab the gold, round sunglasses, and the bright yellow beanie on Amazon. These Michael Kors brown crocodile combat boots are a great dupe for Mabel's, and this mini black backpack is perfect to carry your stuff in while you strut down the street with your hands in your pockets. Of course, these final pieces are not required, but if you happen to have some red headphones and a ton of confidence, they really do add to Mabel Mora's iconic look.