Why You Should Start Adding Hazelnut Oil To Your Hair Care Routine

While so many products — both for haircare and skincare — are designed to minimize or treat our natural oil production, you might wonder: what are the benefits of using hair oil? Different oils of course have different properties, but many hair oils can aid in protecting the hair and scalp from damage, whether from the sun or chemical treatments, strengthen hair, and keep hair moisturized, per Healthline

While hazelnut oil might not be the first product that comes to mind when you think of hair care, it might just be your next holy grail. An all-natural moisturizer, hazelnut oil is one of several that can work for every hair type, seeping into hair of all textures and curl patterns to leave your hair feeling smooth, luscious, and healthy. 

Should you be interested in working more oils into your hair care routine, hazelnut is a good choice to add to your arsenal of beauty products.

Hazelnut oil is a penetrating oil

First, it's good to know what classification your hair oils fall into before applying so you can expect appropriate results. Hazelnut oil is classified as a penetrating oil, which means its benefits seep into the hair cuticle and scalp. Penetrating oils are known to both maintain moisture in your hair, and, by default, prevent excess water from penetrating creating a perfect balance of hydration, per Hairqare. Olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are each also penetrating oils

Hazelnut oil in particular is saturated with one notable fatty acid, linoleic oil, which is said to stimulate hair growth and nourish the scalp, per Byrdie. Linoleic oil is also non-comedogenic, and has benefits for acne-prone skin as well, per Lab Muffin. And the benefits to hazelnut oil just keep coming. Hazelnut oil is full of tannins, which protect your head and hair from the sun. Overall, hazelnut oil moisturizes from the inside out.

How to apply hazelnut oil

Hazelnut oil can be used on your hair the same way you would use a moisturizer on your skin and is safe for everyday use. Because it is slippery rather than thick, like many sealing oils can be, a little bit can go a long way. 

Depending on what your hair needs may be, there are several ways to apply it. To hydrate hair, you can spray the oil or apply it directly with your hands. As a scalp treatment, hazelnut oil can be applied to the scalp and left overnight while you sleep — and, unless you use too much, it won't leave a residue you need to wash out in the shower. You can also use hazelnut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. Before you shower, apply the oil to your hair and wait an hour for it to be adequately absorbed, per Byrdie. Should your hair be damaged due to color treatment, or if you frequently deal with flyaways and frizz, hazelnut oil can be an especially excellent product to add to your hair care routine.

If you are ready to make hazelnut oil a part of your hair care routine but are worried about cost, rest assured that it's pretty affordable. This Botanical Organic Hazelnut Oil from Typology retails for $19.30 and is so popular that the site notes it's frequently out of stock.