The Big Bo And Hope News Days Of Our Lives Fans Have Been Waiting For

During the wild and crazy 1980s on "Days of Our Lives," Bo and Hope Brady (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) became a fan-favorite super couple. From brainwashing, kidnappings, and dopplegangers, to dealing with the villainous Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), Bo and Hope had one wild ride after another (via Soaps She Knows). According to Soap Opera Digest, Bo and Hope had taken down a killer named Dragon who had been targeting members of the British royal family. As a reward, they were thrown a royal wedding in England and while soap opera marriages don't last long, and even though they've thought each other dead a few times over the years, their popularity among fans never waned. 

Ultimately, Bo died of a brain tumor in Hope's arms, but that wasn't the last of him. Bo's ghost appeared to Hope numerous times, particularly to try and stop her from getting revenge when she thought Stefano had killed him. Bo remained dead for several years, but then as events unfolded on the digital spin-off series, "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem," Hope was reunited with Bo in heaven. Bo was able to convince her to return to Earth because loved ones needed her help. They had one last dance to the song, "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love for You," after which Hope returned home (per Daytime Confidential).

Now, it looks like Bo himself may be going back to Earth as well.

An iconic Days of Our Lives couple is truly reuinited

Soap Opera Network reported on the recent "Days of Our Lives" fan event "Day of DAYS" which was held at LA Live in Los Angeles. The cast and producers appeared in person to discuss what's coming up on the show, and fans were astounded when a video with Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso was presented. While the actors reprised their roles in the "DOOL" digital spin-off series, "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem," the two explained in the video that they would be returning to their roles on the mothership show in 2023. A follow-up trailer showed thrilling upcoming clips, including a scene of Bo returning from the dead with his first words being, "Where's Hope?"

"Days of Our Lives" posted the promo on Twitter, with the statement, "CHECK OUT THE DAY OF DAYS TRAILER!!" Fans were overjoyed, with one replying, "Bo and Hope!! I'm gonna have to start watching again now!" Another echoed the sentimentm saying, "O...M...G! This will bring me back watching." Overall fans weren't just happy to see Bo and Hope, and were excited for what's to come on the series as one wrote, "This is going to be so great! All the drama, adventure, romance & heartbreaking scenes. I definitely don't want to miss it."

An ecstatic viewer exclaimed, "Can't wait!! Thank you PeacockTV for having our Days. I love Bo's comment at the end!!"