A Photoshopped Magazine Cover Of Kate Middleton Has Twitter Seeing Red

Dealing with the press comes with the territory when you're part of the United Kingdom's royal family. However, at times, the British media has been known to overstep important boundaries.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has been on the receiving end of struggles with the press since she began dating Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (via NBC News). After the Daily Mail published a personal letter to Meghan, she sued the publication and won — one of just many lawsuits she and Prince Harry have been involved in. While Meghan has struggled the most with the press as a newcomer, Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales, has experienced her fair share of drama with tabloids (per Buzzfeed).

Before Kate tied the knot with William, Prince of Wales, she was at the center of several offensive headlines. However, after she married into the family, the press got kinder to her. Recently, a tabloid ran an offensively photoshopped image of Kate and Twitter was not having it.

A British tabloid photoshopped this image of Kate Middleton

Recently, the Daily Mirror, a tabloid magazine in the United Kingdom, ran an offensively photoshopped image of Catherine Middleton, Princess of Wales. On their website, where they ran a similar story with the same photo from Remembrance Day, you can see the true image. However, on the front page of their magazine, there's a shockingly altered image of the princess.

Royal Tea with Brittany on Twitter posted a startling image of Kate, where she looked to have been aged by several years. She captioned the post, "What in the ever-loving god did they do to Princess Catherine's picture? How disgusting to photoshop the photo in this way!"

Fans on Twitter were not pleased with the photoshopped image. "That doesn't look like anything I saw today. That's just awful of them," one user commented. Another added, "Well, the joke will be on them IMO. (It is laughable). The next time Catherine appears, she'll be her usual gorgeous self. Can't erase true beauty. The Mirror's poor job will be evident. (Did they give the job to a poor intern?)."

It was clear that fans on Twitter were not happy with how the tabloid chose to edit that photo of Kate.