The 5 Words That Will Likely Define Donald Trump's 2024 Campaign

The evening of November 15, 2022, former President Donald Trump gave his highly anticipated announcement at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. There were many rumors swirling around Trump announcing a third presidential run, and those rumors have since been proven true. As expected, Trump has indeed announced his candidacy for 2024 (via C-SPAN.) The businessman now run for president twice, winning in 2016 and going on to lose against President Joe Biden in his 2020 run. 

In his 2016 run, Donald Trump's now-familiar slogan was "Make America Great Again," a red-and-white logo that has become synonymous with the outspoken republican. Those who follow Trump likely see the slogan as a sign of optimism for the future. President Ronald Reagan, who Trump evoked during the November 15 announcement, first incorporated the slogan in his 1980 campaign (via The Living Room Candidate.)

With a future presidential run now confirmed, we're all wondering what words will define Donald Trump's 2024 campaign. Well, he may have given a hint in his speech. 

Trump says 'America's comeback starts right now'

Donald Trump's announcement at Mar-a-Lago was live-streamed by multiple news outlets, including CNN. The speech began with the former president explaining that his time as POTUS was what he labels a success. Trump told watchers, "In four short years, everybody was doing great," before going on to state that "All the incoming administration had to do was sit back and watch."

The politician then went on to bash the current administration for turning the United States into what he called "a nation in decline." After his setup of saying the country is failing, Trump announced that "America's comeback starts right now." Cue the thunderous applause.

It's clear to see that Trump's campaign will hinge on criticizing President Biden and his administration. Per WWAY 3 News, Trump has continued to be critical of the current president, particularly criticizing rising gas prices. Judging from the crowd's reaction to those five words, Trump's fanbase seems to be in favor of undoing the policies Biden has put in place.