How Lifetime's A Country Christmas Harmony Is A Love Song To Those Who Miss Their Ex

It's 3 a.m.: should you text your ex to get back together? Most of your friends are screaming at you to not even allow the thought to grow. You guys broke up for a reason, but you really miss them. It could work this time. Well, statistics aren't on your side.


Kevin Thompson, owner of the website Ex Back Permanently, conducted a study with nearly 4,000 participants. The results showed that only about 15 percent of those surveyed got back with their ex and stayed with them. Despite this low percentage, there are plenty of successful couples who broke up, got back together, and made it last.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most famous examples of celebrities who reunited after a breakup. However, they're not the only ones. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are another successful breakup and get-back together story. There are many examples of famous exes reuniting stories. Justin and Hailey Bieber, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, and Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are just a few other celebrity exes who got back together and found their happily ever after (via Cosmopolitan).


Falling back in love with your ex can be healing, at least that's what Lifetime's "A Country Christmas Harmony" argues.

Warning spoilers ahead.

The movie's couple grow apart before rekindling their romance

Brooke Elliott and Brandon Quinn play Chrissy and Luke, a former couple who broke up ten years ago. The pair are instantly reunited when she returns to her hometown for a Christmas concert special. A lot has changed since they were together. Luke adopted his nephew and Chrissy became a music superstar.


At their core, their values haven't changed. However, their experiences matured them and made them more reflexive and forgiving. According to Women's Health Magazine, the number one reason to get back with an ex is if you've both changed.

Matt Lundquist, a licensed social and clinical worker, further adds, "If you can't point to some serious self-discovery on both sides, it's guaranteed to end in the same way."

Because Chrissy and Luke have both grown over the years, they have lowered their chances of being burdened by the same problems of their past. "A Country Christmas Harmony" starts with old bad patterns emerging but they quickly move away from the past.

A Country Christmas Harmony shows compromising as the key to a happy ending

In "A Country Christmas Harmony," the main reason behind Chrissy and Luke's break up is because of their conflicting wants, needs, and ideas for the future. He wants one thing for their future and she wants another. It's not a case of falling out of love, but a case of not being able to compromise. It's also a case of miscommunication. Once Chrissy and Luke discuss the break up, they both get a clearer picture of what cost them a happy ending. Neither Chrissy or Luke are perfect people now, so there is still a bit of conflicting and past issues that creep into their rekindling.


However, Luke learns that if he wants a future with Chrissy, he needs to make some compromises to make their romance work. She also learns that she needs to change a few things to allow herself another chance with him. They both know the importance of compromising in a relationship.

According to Psychology Today, being unsupportive and not communicating are two of the top ten reasons for a breakup. These reasons help lead to Chrissy and Luke's breakup. Being more supportive, communicating, and compromising help them start over.

It shows exes who acknowledge the past but focus on the future

Licensed therapist Mark Williams told Insider that exes must have an honest conversation about the problems in a relationship in order to not repeat those issues. Having an open and honest conversation helps show the couple's commitment to making things work.


In "A Country Christmas Harmony," Chrissy and Luke open the door to a romantic reunion after they address their breakup. She explains what led to her decisions to leave. They both acknowledge the past mistakes in their relationship and the door opens for a new beginning.

Dr. Chloe Carmichael, author and clinical psychologist, told Women's Health Magazine that a rule to getting back with an ex includes viewing the relationship as a new chapter in an old relationship. According to Carmichael, "it's really important to recognize that this is a rekindling of an old relationship, not the start of a new one."

Chrissy makes a big speech to Luke towards the end of the movie where she tells him, he's her past, present, and future. She doesn't erase their past but looks towards their future.


"A Country Christmas Harmony" premieres on Lifetime on November 18 at 8:00 pm EST.