Jerrica Tisdale

Northwestern University
Movies, TV, Books, Pop Culture
  • Jerrica is dedicated and passionate about writing.
  • Jerrica believes that she is very creative. It's one of her biggest personality traits.
  • One of her favorite hobbies is researching. Give her a topic, and she will find everything she can on it.


Right out of college, Jerrica decided that she wanted to take writing seriously as a career. She began freelance writing almost immediately after graduating. She has now been writing for the internet for over 10 years. She's mainly written for smaller sites and marketing companies, but along with The List, she currently writes for Screenrant and Cinemablend. She is a pop culture junkie and knows too many useless facts, but she loves her trivial knowledge.


Jerrica went to Northwestern University for four years. She earned her B.A in English and Literature. She also has a minor in Psychology and Film and Media Studies. She spent most of her education learning to write and some of it learning how to write on pop culture.
Stories By Jerrica Tisdale