Why Royal Experts Believe King Charles And Prince Harry's Relationship Isn't Over

King Charles III and his son, Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex have struggled with their relationship over the last few years. The issue seemed to begin when Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex went public with their allegations against the royal family and their choice to step away from their royal duties, via the GB News.

When news broke that Harry had written a new memoir, his father allegedly felt betrayed. Christopher Andersen, author of a book centered around the life of Charles titled "The King," told Entertainment Tonight the details.

"This is going to be another series of grenades that they're tossing into the palace. They are terrified ... Charles and Camilla and the rest of them, about what Harry could say," shared Andersen. "Particularly because I understand [the memoir] has so much to do with his upbringing, the marriage of Charles and Diana. It's all viewed through this lens now."

While some royal experts thought King Charles would strip Meghan and Harry of their titles, others claim that the rift between them may be able to be repaired after all, even before the memoir hits shelves.

Some royal experts think there is hope for Charles and Harry in the future

King Charles III and Prince Harry have had their share of problems over the last few years. Charles has struggled with Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex making media appearances, while Harry was hurt by his father not allowing him to wear his military uniform to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, via Us Weekly.

While some may have assumed that the relationship between the father and son is damaged beyond repair, some experts think there is a chance.

On the Daily Mail Plus talk show, "Palace Confidential," editor Richard Eden claimed that Charles is open to mending his bond with Harry.

"Interestingly, I was told the king is keen to keep the door open, he's signaling that it's not all over, particularly in the case of Harry, there is a way back ... If he came back to Britain, for example, he could go back to being an active counselor of state, so it's still there for him, it's a way of not shutting him out. So it does suggest that the king thinks that things could change in the future," Eden shared.

Daily Mail Royal Editor Rebecca English added, "It's quite a diplomatic way of doing this and making the change without poking the bear that is his son ... and antagonizing even further his brother ... It's just 'saying let's expand the role and do it a little bit differently.'"