Schuyler Fisk On The First Advice About Show Business Her Mother Sissy Spacek Gave Her - Exclusive

For Schuyler Fisk, show business has always played a major part of her life. Her famous parents — Academy Award winning actress Sissy Spacek and production designer Jack Fisk — even met on the set of a movie.

When Fisk eventually decided that she also wanted to pursue an acting career, she had the perfect people to look to when it came to all kinds of advice about the entertainment industry. Their on-set presence was something that Fisk watched closely throughout the course of her own career and inspired her own path in the business. "Setting an example has been the best thing both my parents have done," Fisk said during an exclusive interview with The List, adding, "They have [an] incredible work ethic, and they want to get it right."

Fisk's most recent role had her working with her mother in a way she never had before. The two play a mother-daughter duo in the independent film "Sam & Kate," where they were given all sorts of freedom to improvise scenes together. It was a true gift for any actor — and an incredibly special gift for a mother and daughter. "It just felt like we were there [and] we were those characters," Fisk told us.

Throughout filming, Fisk was focused on portraying her character as honestly as possible. In order to do so, she kept in mind some important advice she remembers her mother sharing with her when she first started out in show business.

The character will come to life if you 'feel it'

Some of the most memorable acting advice that Schuyler Fisk has been given is something that Sissy Spacek has reminded her of time and time again. "My mom has always mentioned, 'Don't worry about acting. Just feel it, think it, and they'll see it,'" the "Sam & Kate" star told The List. "I try and remember that."

While filming their new dramedy together, many of Fisk's favorite moments with her mother happened off screen while building their emotional characters together. "Going over scenes with my mom after work or over the weekends or before we started filming, taking the time to get to know these characters and who they are, what they would do, and what they would say, and what they would feel," Fisk explained.

Working with her incredibly talented mother made acting a lot "easier," she told us. "Having these scenes with my mom was ... She's so in it. She's so pro," Fisk said — and she also gives out the best advice.

"Sam & Kate" is now in theaters.