How An Aries Should Decorate For Christmas

Those whose birthdays fall between March 20 and April 19 were born under the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign in astrology and is represented by the ram. The fire sign has many identifying qualities, such as their ability to be great leaders, per Parade. Because Aries tend to be very goal-oriented and have a lot of ambition, they are the perfect people to take charge and ensure that things get done. Aries also have a reputation for being very independent. They value their alone time and aren't afraid to be bold and confident in public and behind closed doors (via Well and Good).

Meanwhile, the sign may seem indifferent or caring at times, as they don't allow their empathy and compassion to be often seen in their emotions or with their words. Aries may also show love by picking fights. They're also known for being unafraid to try something new or take big risks in hopes of getting what they want. "[Aries] don't really hone in on the failure of how something could go—like, they will take the risk if they want to take the risk," astrologer Monisha Holmes tells the outlet.

Meanwhile, when it comes to celebrating Christmas, Aries will often be the leader. The sign is the most likely to wake up excitedly on Christmas morning and force their family awake in order to open gifts and get the day started, per Elite Daily. They'll also likely have a unique decorating style during the holiday season.

Red candles are ideal for Aries

Although everyone has their own unique holiday traditions and styles, Aries may be looking for ideas about how to decorate their home for Christmas. According to Reader's Digest, Aries should lean into the fact that they're a fire sign and decorate with candles for the holiday season. While real candles set a certain mood and offer a cozy feel to any room, flameless candles are a great option. The outlet also suggests that the sign pick one element, like candles, to revolve the rest of their decor around. "Colorful candles will be a nice touch to an Aries's home and will help them to integrate the endurance of fire, not just the spark," astrologer Guadalupe Terrones tells the outlet.

Meanwhile, Pinkvilla also suggests that Aries use lighting to decorate their home for the holidays with candles or fairy lights. However, the outlet reveals that the fire sign should gravitate toward the color red for their decor, placing pops of the color around their home to spruce up their space and make it look festive.

Daily Dream Decor notes that while red is the perfect holiday color for Aries, they may want to use all shades of the color, suggesting ruby and burgundy to add depth to their decor. Because the sign is also said to enjoy colors such as orange, pink, and yellow, a color Christmas look may also be the way to go for the confident and unique sign.

Aries should try an ombre-themed Christmas tree

According to Express, Aries is all about passion and motivation, and they'll be no different when it comes time to put up their holiday decor. The sign should let their bold and confident personality shine through when choosing their holiday theme, which is likely to be very modern and look like it came straight from Pinterest or a magazine. Meanwhile, the fire sign's love of red will also likely be depicted in their decor choices, which may seem a bit over the top to some (via Lonny). "For Aries, it's a fun and ever-changing theme in a theatrical way. Aries' signature color is red so they have an opportunity to use it festively and creatively now," astrologer Ophira Edut says.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail suggests that Aries take a bold route when it comes to decorating their Christmas tree. The outlet reveals that picking a color scheme and designing an ombre-themed tree is right up the fire sign's alley. The tree can be any color that makes your heart happy and then, using multiple shades of your chosen color, create an ombre dream. Also, don't forget a gorgeous topper to complete the holiday tree.

Although Aries may not like conventional Christmas decor, their fun style is sure to be bright and spark joy throughout the entire holiday season.