Aries Traits, Dating, Friendships, And More Explained

As the zodiac's confident, reckless ram, Aries represents ambition and impulsivity. An unmistakable fire sign, it's no wonder Aries is the first sign of the zodiac — they're always pushing to get ahead, and aren't scared of a challenge (via Allure). While their confidence is addictive and attractive to those around them, their notorious impatience can be a lot to handle. In essence, like all signs, Aries has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses.

Competitive by nature, Aries are known to be passionate, natural-born leaders. A truly positive attribute, this sign dislikes run-arounds and mazes to get to their destination, instead choosing directness and honesty (via Astrology.Care). Aries are self-determined and brave, while staying enthusiastic about their decisions. It is rare to see an Aries doubt their choices, meaning these rams live in spontaneity. Tell an Aries you're taking them to Paris in an hour, and they'll have a messy bag packed and ready to go in minutes. 

To add to Aries' positive traits, this sign is known to be active, either in the physical realm in sports, or always having some place to go. Their competitive nature means they can succeed in anything they set their mind to, and as explains, they have a call to help others, too. As told in the story of the "Golden Fleece," Aries' symbolic fur must be shorn and put to use by others — if not, they won't be happy or live in their natural flow.

All about Aries signs

Now for the slight cons — nobody's perfect after all! While Aries are incredibly bold, working wonders for their ambition-driven lives, their turbulent nature can make some interpersonal relationships difficult (via Allure). Aries feel the need to come first in everything they do, which can put a competitive strain in friendships and in romantic pairings. An Aries will make a relaxed family board game night akin to an NBA finals game — that's just who they are. Moreover, they're also known to have quite the temper, but fights won't last long.

Being fire signs ruled by Mars, Aries' impulsivity can be their downfall, or their best trait (depends on the outcome!). Per Allure, this sign is famous for not thinking before acting, sprinting through life and taking a leap before measuring the distance. Aries have strong personalities, too, clashing their horns with anyone who disagrees with them or tries to hold them back from their goals (like a Capricorn might, via Bustle). That being said, this energy can be inspiring, and many are quick to follow their lead.

Directly opposite to Libra's devotion to partnership, Aries can live in happy, fulfilled solitude, while focusing on their next steps. Naturally youthful and tumbling towards success, there's a positivity to this sign that makes Aries unforgettable.

What is it like dating an Aries?

You can be assured of one thing when dating an Aries: it's going to be an adventure (via Cosmopolitan)! Aries are passionate people who love to have fun, discovering new things and places, and fall in love with life in general. Be prepared for spontaneous trips, ambitious projects, and hearing about their day in detail. Aries are emotional people, and as excited and joyful as they often are, they can be just as irritable, difficult, and rageful. While their tempers cool off quickly and they come to their senses, you might get caught up in some serious crossfire if your Aries has had a bad day. 

While we won't go so far as to say they have a "my way or the highway" approach to relationships, they are very headstrong and very invested in their own ideas of how things should be and go (from how the living room is decorated to how to spend a vacation). They don't mean to trample your ideas or desires, but if you don't have a strong enough personality to stand up for yourself and challenge them when needed, you might feel bulldozed sometimes. 

That said, Aries are very tenderhearted. Even though they might be full of bluster at times, if they love you, they love you to pieces, and will always want to make you feel inspired, loved, appreciated, and supported. Aries can also be very, very independent, so if they've chosen to partner with you, it means you're pretty special, as they don't mind living and being alone. 

What is it like to be friends with an Aries?

Perhaps the greatest thing about being friends with an Aries is their enthusiasm; they will always be genuinely stoked to see you and make that known (via Times of India). Whatever you guys plan to do together, from touring a winery to watching a movie on the couch, your Aries friend will be all in. This also applies to how they show up for the people they love. You finished a major project? Aries will be the first to hype you up. You're getting married? Aries will be throwing your wild bachelorette party and showering you with gifts. 

Aries are very generous friends, with their love, their time, and their resources. They are also loyal confidantes. As spontaneous and active as they often are, Aries are very capable of sitting down and listening to you carefully. If you are going through something, they will be supportive, loving, and helpful to the very best of your ability, and they will keep your secrets, often while reserving judgement (because no matter what you got yourself into, they've probably done something ten times crazier anyway). 

Careers best suited to an Aries

Because Aries is so passionate and driven, they need a career or a job that allows them to grow and to utilize their skills and their energy toward a goal they care about (via Metropolitan Girls). Aries get bored easily and love an adventure, so careers that challenge them and feel fast-paced and lively will call to them most. Entrepreneurship might call to an Aries, as they get to birth their own ideas and visions into being with hard work and focus. Another job that might suit an Aries is one as an actor or performer. 

Aries are also called to help others, and so a job as an EMT might be fulfilling, as it is not only fast-paced, but it is altruistic in nature. Similarly, Aries might be drawn to be firefighters or other first responders. 

Aries could also thrive as public relations experts or in other careers that allow their creativity, ideas, and enthusiasm to thrive, like a producer or film director. Honestly, Aries can achieve virtually anything they set their mind to. What they probably can't do for any length of time is waste away at a job that feels tedious, pointless, or boring.   

Who are some famous Aries?

There are several very famous Aries, and once you hear their names, you won't be surprised that their larger-than-life personas and careers can likely be attributed to their fire sign (via Page Six). Lady GaGa herself is an Aries, and with her fearless fashion choices, outspoken support of social causes, and presence that lights up both stage and screen, she is a perfect example of Aries energy. 

Similarly unapologetic in both fashion and personality, Sir Elton John was also born under the sign of the ram. With his flashy outfits, deeply emotional music, and warm, loving presence, Elton John has proven himself a legend. Madam Christmas herself, Miss Mariah Carey, is also an Aries, and with what we've seen of her fiery personality, her commanding sensual energy, and her unmatched talent, her sign makes perfect sense. 

The soon-to-be Mrs. Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian is also an Aries. It has often been said that it was Kourtney's energy, attitude, and fiery romantic life that fueled "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and that would make sense; an Aries is always the star of the show. Other Aries celebs include Alec Baldwin, Emma Watson, and Seth Rogan.