Get The Look On A Budget: Jennifer Lopez's Breezy White Dress

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (aka "Bennifer") were the It Couple of the early aughts. Though they parted ways in 2004, according to Insider, 2021 saw them rekindle the spark, and the couple officially tied the knot in July 2022. "I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with him," Lopez told People, going on to add, "To see the person, the human being, the man that he is today, the father that he is today, the partner that he is — he is so everything I always knew he was and wanted to be."

Outside of her music and acting credits (and her high-profile relationships), Jennifer Lopez has come to be known for her daring style. On the red carpet for the 2000 Grammy awards, the "Jenny From the Block" singer wore her most famous outfit to date: "the JLo dress." Vibrant green with a plunging neckline, this Versace gown was so popular that it became the catalyst for Google Image Search. As former Google CEO Eric Schmidt explained in a 2015 Project Syndicate post, Lopez's sartorial choice became a worldwide obsession, leading Google to develop Image Search as a way to directly serve photos from the event to users. 

Her innovative looks haven't stopped since then. At 2022's Malibu Chili Cook-Off, JLo wore a breezy white maxi dress perfect for the late summer heat (via Daily Mail). Fortunately, given the look's classic simplicity, it's easy to replicate without Jennifer Lopez's impressive net worth.

Get Jennifer Lopez's look without breaking the bank

Hand in hand with her new Hollywood husband, Jennifer Lopez attended the annual Labor Day weekend Malibu Chili Cook-Off in a bright white Forte Forte maxi dress. The sold-out design, which previously retailed for $775 on Hampden, according to Who What Wear, is easy to replicate for less due to its simplicity. Available on Urban Outfitters for just under $50 is a white Ruffle midi sundress. Though the sleeves are short and capped, unlike JLo's, this design only makes it easier to adapt the outfit for fall. Pair with a light leather or denim jacket to add much-needed warmth and dimension. Alternatively, Asos sells a flowing, long-sleeved maxi for just $73 if you're looking to emulate the Forte Forte source material more closely.

To add your own spin on JLo's late summer style and spice it up for the fall and winter seasons, find a flowing maxi in autumnal or wintertime hues. Deep reds, burnt orange, and golden yellows are all good choices. Nordstrom sells a ruched long-sleeve maxi in foliage-inspired auburn for $68. Or, splurge on winter blues with this Altar'd State satin maxi for just under $100. Depending on your accessories and footwear, breezy maxi dresses can be repurposed for any season, especially in Malibu, where temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (via Weather Spark).

Complete the fit with JLo-worthy accessories

Even at a casual chili festival, Jennifer Lopez doesn't skimp on luxury. On her feet, she wore a pair of $620 red Gucci x Adidas GG Platform Sandals. For just $37, a small fraction of Gucci prices, Asos sells a pair of padded rust-red sandals that provide a similar look. Or, scroll the virtual shelves of Amazon to grab these cushioned red slides for under $25. Best of all, this shoe has nearly 19,000 5-star ratings.

The most expensive part of JLo's cook-off fit by far is her personalized Dior tote bag. Similar purses sell for $3,700 on the designer's site. However, for just $24.95 on Amazon, you can monogram your own tote. It's the perfect shopping, beach, or chili-eating accessory. Alternatively, support a small business on Etsy by checking out this beautiful canvas eco bag.

Finally, JLo finishes off her look with a pair of Jennifer Fisher 3" Thread Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings, according to Who What Wear. If the $180 price tag is a bit high, check out these similar hoops on Etsy, now just $20.40. Or, brighten the fit with a pop of color — Amazon sells a 12-pack of neon earrings for just under $13, meaning each pair costs only a little more than $1.