The Bold And The Beautiful Producer Hints At A Fascinating Christmas For Legendary Villainess Sheila Carter

It's a rare occasion when a villain terrorizes not one, but two TV shows. Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) has menaced Genoa City on "The Young and the Restless" since 1990, as well as crossing over for a reign of unmerciful terror on "The Bold and the Beautiful," making things as painful as possible for the Forrester family (via Soaps in Depth). The laundry list of Sheila's crimes, according to Soap Central, includes assault, kidnapping, and murder among many other vile deeds. Sheila's modus operandi is wide and varied — she once used bees to kill the highly allergic Lance (Adam Huss). She also became enemies with the late Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), a lawbreaker in her own right (via Fame 10), and later cut off one of her own toes to fake her death.

On the TV documentary series "Planet Soap," actress Kimberlin Brown discussed Sheila's mentality, stating, "Shelia's just evil. There's nothing b***** about what she does," adding, "When being nice and being diplomatic ... just don't work any longer, she snaps." In talking about Sheila's crossing over to "B&B," Brown used her Sheila voice to say, "I came to LA to start a new life. Well, they just didn't make it easy for me, did they?" 

With regards to her murder of Lance, Sheila's cold voice came out again, saying, "Bees. I like bees. I like honey. It's not my fault he didn't."

Sheila's path of destruction continues to get interesting

On "Bold Live!," Casey Kasprzyk, supervising producer of "The Bold and the Beautiful," talks about the show. In a recent episode, Kasprzyk took questions from viewers. When the topic of the diabolical Sheila Carter came up, Kasprzyk didn't give much in the way of spoilers except to say, "Around Christmas time, things get really interesting [for Sheila]."

Kasprzyk also mentioned that this year's Halloween episode contained several clues about what may lie in store for the villainess. He explained that Sheila is trying to find her direction forward. Considering Sheila is on the run from the law, he mused, "If there is even a path?" The "B&B" episode focused on Brown's 30-year anniversary on the show as Sheila looked back at her past to figure out where her future leads, per TV Insider

As Soaps She Knows reported, in this year's Halloween episode Deacon warned Sheila several times that if she got caught, she'd end up imprisoned for life. Sheila's response was that she would be free soon, indicating that after 30 years, she's still got more nefarious work ahead of her. We can't wait to see what Christmas will bring for the legendary villainess.