Queen Elizabeth's Biographer Shares One Of Her Biggest Worries Before Death

Queen Elizabeth II's heartbreaking death was one of the most impactful moments of 2022. Although she was 96 years old and in failing health in recent years, her passing was still a shock for many of Her Majesty's loyal followers, and her family alike (via the BBC). The queen's influence is undeniable, and some of her fans were concerned about what life would look like for the monarchy following her death.

It's no secret that the United Kingdom's royal family had been struggling long before the death of its longest-reigning monarch. The issues surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the rest of the royal family left many fans concerned about how The Firm would function in the absence of Her Majesty's leadership (via the New York Post).

There was also uneasiness about King Charles III taking over the throne. Some were even hoping he would give the title to William, the Prince of Wales, instead. It appears that fans of the monarchy were not the only ones with worries before the queen's passing. Her biographer has shared what her biggest concerns were leading up to that fateful September day.

The queen's biggest concern was not about the state of her family

There are several books slated to hit shelves following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. One, entitled "The Corgi and the Queen," shares sweet moments she exchanged with her beloved pups (via People). Another book, "Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II, 1926-2022," offers a more detailed look into the life of the late monarch. The author, Robert Hardman, recently spoke with the Daily Mail's "Palace Confidential" about the queen's biggest concerns leading up to her death.

"What was very clear to me was that she was absolutely on duty to the end," he revealed. "I don't think people fully understood quite what an effort it was to get herself fully up and ready and prepared for two prime ministers." Hardman continued, "That was the thing that she had been worrying about all summer was the fact that the government was effectively rudderless. I mean, the primary role of the monarchy is to ensure the efficient business of government."

It turns out that at the end of her life Queen Elizabeth was less concerned with her family's internal issues and more worried about the British parliament. As we know, Liz Truss, who was sworn in by the queen prior to her death, chose to step away from her role as Prime Minister just a few weeks after taking on the job (via The Guardian). It appears Her Majesty's fears were entirely justified as a result.