How A Cancer Should Decorate For Christmas

Out of all the zodiac signs, Cancer is known for being one of the most nurturing and sensitive (via Women's Health). Born in June and July, Cancers are said to rule over the fourth house of home life, which explains why the water sign usually favors hanging out at home over hitting the town, per InStyle

Cancers have a reputation for being silly and goofy but also extremely compassionate. Their sense of humor is often a defining trait, and you can count on them to be there for support whenever you need it. The sign is also extremely loyal to those they love and will protect them at all costs.

However, Cancers are represented by the crab and tend to be overly moody and sensitive from time to time (via Prep Scholar). They also have a knack for burying their feelings, and it may be hard for newcomers to get close to the sign at first. Most often, when a Cancer is in a poor mood or negative headspace, they'll need to spend some time resting in order to recharge their emotional, mental, and physical batteries. Once they do, they'll be back to their silly selves.

Because Cancer enjoys spending a lot of time at home, it may be important for them to feel happy and comfortable in their living space. When it comes to Christmas, they'll want to decorate their home in a way that truly makes their heart sing.

Cancers love nostalgia during the holidays

When the holidays roll around, Cancer will be ready to celebrate. Because the sign loves being at home and enjoys being surrounded by family and friends, they'll likely host a few get-togethers during the Christmas season. According to Daily Dream Decor, Cancers should consider investing in a large table so that they have plenty of room for their guests, whether it be during the holidays or any other time of the year.

Meanwhile, astrologer Ophira Edut tells Lonny that the water sign will likely gravitate toward nostalgic decor and things that have great meaning to them. This could be special ornaments or family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation or just simply jazzing up your holiday decor with photos from Christmases past. 

Anything that reminds Cancer of happy childhood memories will bring them joy during the holiday season. "Cancer is very sentimental and nostalgic of course, so it's that time to let that part of their personalities out," Edut says.

According to Express, Cancer will also likely want to decorate with traditional Christmas colors such as red and green. They'll also be able to recycle any past decor and repurpose it into something new and fresh.

Cancer should go vintage with their holiday decor

According to Reader's Digest, Cancers will likely fill their holiday season with traditional activities such as baking holiday treats and preparing meals for their loved ones. Because they are so family-oriented and full of nostalgia, their recipes will also likely have great meaning to them, and their homes will be filled with great smells all season long, which will only add to the ambiance of their Christmas decor. 

"Cancers will decorate their homes more with aromas from baking than anything else. All the decorative gifts they've collected from past family members will come out of storage and bless their furniture. Every decoration and holiday treat will have a story attached to it," astrologer Guadalupe Terrones tells the outlet.

The Daily Mail suggests that Cancer decorate their Christmas tree using an old-fashioned theme and adding things such as dried orange slices, which will not only make it look festive but also keep the house smelling delightful all season long. 

Meanwhile, Pinkvilla reveals that the water sign should choose to decorate with classic imagery such as snowflakes and stars to add to their vintage holiday look.

Cancer may embody the Christmas spirit more than the other zodiac signs, as their decor, meals, and family time will be their greatest gift during the holidays, and they'll enjoy it all in a beautifully decorated home.